What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Having A Growth Mindset

advantages and disadvantages of growth mindset

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Hello Friend, how are you? Looking to know about the advantages and disadvantages of growth mindset, then this post will cover your query.

In this post we are going to look at growth mindset pros and cons. I have prepared a list of the best advantages of having growth mindset and taken up some disadvantages in consideration too.

By reading these benefits you will surely want to have growth mindset if you don’t have yet.

Advantages of Having A Growth Mindset

There are many powerful benefits of having a growth mindset. I have listed them all below.

1. Improves Self Esteem

The first advantage of growth mindset is that it improves your self esteem. As a growth mindset person you believe in yourself and care less about what others say. It enables you to know about your strength and weaknesses and therefore working on improving them.

2. Open Way For New Opportunities

Growth mindset helps to find new opportunities in life and career. As you have seen in the characteristics of a growth mindset person, growth mindset helps in taking about new challenges without fear and right risk management. Ultimately, opening the path for new opportunities.

3. Improve Learning Power

Growth mindset helps in increasing the learning power. Since a person in growth mindset is always ready to face new challenges therefore he/she learn new skills to take up those challenges. They knew without learning they can’t move closer to their goals. Therefore, growth mindset benefit learning ability.

4. Increase In Confidence

Growth mindset helps in increasing the confidence of a person. Since a growth mindset person takes up new challenges and whenever those tasks got completed He/she feels confident. Its like a booster for them.

5. Better Time Management

Growth mindset helps in better management of time. Being in growth mindset, the person will be able to divide its time in a more useful manner than others. He/she will do the tasks that are important first and rest after that.

6. More Socialization With Others

A person with growth mindset will be more social than other fellow beings. He/She will be available to someone whenever they need them. They will try to help the person in every way possible. This is the true meaning of a Human Being.

7. Failure As Lesson

Growth mindset will help to take failures as lessons for future. Growth mindset persons know that things can go wrong. Therefore, when something goes wrong, instead of dwelling on it, they take it up as a lesson and make the necessary changes in the next task.

8. Increase In Resilience

Growth mindset is really helpful in increasing the resilience in a human being. When a person is in growth mindset then He/She will be better able to work on long tasks, as they know, big things take time to happen.

9. Better Approach To Problems

A growth mindset person takes up problems in a much better way than others. Whenever they are in the middle of a tough situation, they don’t stress much on the problem instead they try to find the solution to that. Once they identify a solution they immediately start working on that.

10. Open To Feedback

In a research, It is found that those people who have growth mindset are more open to feedback than other fixed mindset persons. They themselves ask from others how they can improve in their tasks, make notes, and try to change according to the feedback received.

11. Overall Personality Development

The ultimate advantage of growth mindset is that it helps in overall personality development of a person. He/She becomes more confident, open to the world, responsive and a better human being.

Disadvantages Of Growth Mindset

As you may be wondering are there growth mindset cons too, then yes there are. The most and biggest disadvantage of growth mindset is that “It will change a lazy person into a more active person”. Ha Ha. Just joking.

In my opinion there are no such cons of growth mindset. But this is not a universal truth. There can be some. I am listing 5 cons of growth mindset.

1Over confident

Sometimes the person can become over confident in whatever he/she is doing.


Due to gaining new skills and success because of growth mindset, the person may sometimes become arrogant.

3 – Bossy Nature

By facing hardships while growing, the person may start wanting perfection in everything. This can lead him/her to be bossy in nature.

4 – Can lead to frustration

Some times in seeking perfectionism, the work can go wrong and in the influence of fixed mindset the person can feel frustrated.

5 – Procrastinating Behavior

Just because a person has growth mindset doesn’t mean that he/she will always be working on to improve himself/herself. Sometimes growth mindset can lead to procrastination behavior when the person will want to work but will not start.


So this was the post on what are the advantages and disadvantages of having growth mindset. I have tried to be as explanatory as possible. If you think any point is missing in this list, then let me know, I will add it ASAP.

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