best growth mindset questions to ask yourself

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One of the best ways to develop a growth mindset is by asking growth mindset questions. These mindset questions help self to look and reflect on our behavior and see our shortcomings.

If you are looking for growth mindset questions to ask yourself than you have come to the right place. On this page I have listed the best growth mindset questions for that you can ask yourself.

15 growth mindset questions to ask

  1. Did you learn’t something new today?
  2. Did you done any challenging task today?
  3. Did I made any mistakes in the whole day?
  4. What challenges I faced today?
  5. Did I said something wrong to somebody today?
  6. Did I was honest with my work today?
  7. Was I am proud of the work done by me today?
  8. What can I learn from my mistakes?
  9. How to do the task differently for not repeating the same mistake again?
  10. What made you think hard today?
  11. What was your biggest accomplishment today?
  12. What was the hardest thing you done today?
  13. Do you helped someone today?
  14. Was I friendly with my co-workers today?
  15. Did I made the best use of time today?

Growth mindset reflection questions

  1. What is my weakness?
  2. What is holding me back?
  3. Why I made that mistake today?
  4. Were my words harsh today?
  5. What things I cam improve in myself to be a better learner?
  6. Why I was thinking in a negative way today?
  7. Why I didn’t pushed me hard today?
  8. What made me feel like a failure?
  9. Why I was not able to complete my assigned task?
  10. Why my strategies doesn’t worked today?
growth mindset questions poster

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So this was the post on best growth mindset questions to ask yourself. I hope you liked these mindset questions.

Ask yourself these questions daily and you will surely feel a difference in your mindset. You can even download this mindset questions poster image and can post on your room’s wall.

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