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When Carol Dweck gave the theory of growth mindset she talked about two types of mindset in her book. These two mindsets are fixed and growth mindset. There are many examples through which we can understand both types of mindset. In this post I will be covering fixed mindset vs growth mindset examples for you.

In a fixed mindset person believes that his/her abilities and intelligence are fixed and cannot be changed whereas in growth mindset a person believes that skills and talent can be developed through hard work and effort.

Below is the list of 11 best fixed vs growth mindset examples to help you to understand the difference between the two. These are real world examples of fixed mindset and growth mindset to make the post relatable. So let’s look at them.

1. When a person thinks he/she is not good at XYZ thing.

Fixed Mindset: I am not good at it.

Growth Mindset: If I can try to learn it than I can be good at it.

This growth mindset example is demonstrating a situation in which a person has this notion in his/her mind that they are not good at any particular thing. You can use this example to change that kind of mindset.

2. When a person other than self gets success in life.

Fixed Mindset: I feel jealous when others succeed in life.

Growth Mindset: I feel motivated and inspired when I see others getting success.

In this example I am writing about a situation in which a person may feel jealous when he/she see others getting promotion/success in life. This growth mindset example will help in changing that jealousy to inspiration.

3. when a person has to give public speech.

Fixed Mindset: I feel shy speaking in front of people.

Growth Mindset: If I will do practice than I can improve my confidence and public speaking skill.

Many times it happens that a person is required to speak in front of a gathering. In this situation it is obvious to feel nervous at first. But with right mindset it can be managed. This example is demonstrating such situation.

4. when a person is afraid of failures.

Fixed Mindset: If I will not do this then there are no chance of me failing.

Growth Mindset: Failures are opportunities to grow, I must do it then.

We all want to get success in life and no one wants to get fail in something. But it is not in our hands. We often face failures in life. Many get disappointed with that feeling. This example I have listed is used in such situations.

5. when a person think he/she knows everything.

Fixed Mindset: I am good at XYZ. I don’t need to learn more for it.

Growth Mindset: There is always something to learn something new about XYZ thing.

There is a tendency in many people that they think that they know everything. They don’t want to learn more in their life. But in many situations they are left behind because of this “I know everything” mindset. This example is perfect to change that mindset.

6. when a person needs to take risk.

Fixed Mindset: I can’t do this.

Growth Mindset: What’s wrong in trying. Even if it will not work I will gain some experience.

Life is not easy. It is full of risks. And the person who takes calculated risks wins the race of life. This example is showing what type of mindset to have when you are going to take a tough decision involving risk.

7. when a person receives feedback.

Fixed Mindset: I don’t like people giving me feedback.

Growth Mindset: Feedback provide me important points to improve and grow.

Feedback is an important part of growth. But many people take feedback given by others on their ego. They don’t value that. Therefore, this example is given to change the mindset and take feedback in a positive way.

8. when a person do challenging things.

Fixed mindset: I hate doing challenging tasks.

Growth Mindset: I love challenges. They help me grow.

This example is listed to show what a person with fixed mindset and growth mindset will do while doing challenging tasks. Many will give up. But a person with growth mindset will take this as a learning opportunity and work on it with full dedication.

9. when a person know about something knowledgeable.

Fixed mindset: I don’t like sharing my knowledge.

Growth Mindset: Sharing what I know makes me a better human being.

There is a saying that “Sharing is Caring”. Those who share grow in life. This example can be used to develop that sharing mindset.

10. when a person makes a mistake.

Fixed mindset: I feel embarrassed on making mistakes.

Growth mindset: Mistakes enable me to correct my shortcomings and improve.

When a person makes a mistake he/she behaves differently. Either he/she will take in a positive way or in a negative way. This example is given to change the mindset while a mistake is done and you are feeling low.

11. while learning new things.

Fixed mindset: There is no point in learning something new.

Growth Mindset: This is so interesting . It will help in growth.

Many people hesitate in learning new things. They always want to remain in their comfort zone. But for a growth mindset going out of comfort zone is very important. This learning example is best to use in such situations.

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So these were the best fixed mindset and growth mindset examples that I have listed down here for you. I hope you get the difference between the two type of mindsets. You can use these examples practically in your daily life too.

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