25 Best Growth mindset activities for adults

growth mindset activities for adults

Living as an adult is adventurous. It is the age where there are infinite possibilities to grow personally and professionally. With a blend of self-belief and right mindset, there is nothing which an adult can’t do.

In this post, I have listed down 25 top growth mindset activities for adults. These activities will help in keeping your mindset open to growth and opportunities.

top growth mindset exercises for adults

In short these are the top adults growth mindset exercises.

Taking Shower EverydayWater IntakeHealthy Diet Plan
Physical ExerciseStrength ExplorationAvoiding Perfection
Communication SkillsThinking Before ActionOrganizing Home
No-To-Do ListReading EverydayLearning To Say NO
Resume WritingDeveloping ConnectionResponsibility Taking
Person Finance KnowledgeNot Depending On OthersCooking
Newspaper ReadingLetting Go Negative PeopleSolving Problems
Near To NatureLeaving Comfort ZoneFollowing Gratitude

1. daily shower

Good things starts from home. So why not mindset? We all starts our day at home. It is the place where we got our first learnings.

The first mindset activity is to take shower daily. Showering everyday has many physical and mental benefits for an adult.

By showering everyday, the blood flow in the body increases, mind becomes more alert, and responsive. Along with that, showering helps to improve mood, keep us clean, and helps maintain a good healthy life.

2. drink plenty of water

Water is such a thing which we can’t live. Our body contains 60% water. But there are many who doesn’t consume the right amount during the day and remains dehydrated.

It is recommended to drink 8 237-ml glasses of water everyday[1]. In the absence of proper hydration, our brain starts feeling fatigued and stressed. With a stressed brain the mind cannot think better.

Remaining hydrated helps to keep calm, energetic, and results in improved motivation.

3. healthy diet

An adult requires to perform many physical and mental activities. All this requires energy. Energy comes from food(To be precise healthy food).

But many young adults are moving away from healthy to junk food. With so many junk food available everywhere, it can become quiet difficult to maintain a healthy diet.

But a growth mindset person knows the importance of eating healthy and nutritious food. With healthy, home cooked food your energy levels will improve. When energy levels will improve, your mind power will improve.

This will shift towards a growth mindset.

4. take up physical exercise

The body of a human is like a machine. It goes through many wear and tear. To maintain a healthy body, it is utmost important to do some physical exercise everyday.

Doing physical exercises has many benefits. It not only helps in maintaining a good physique but aids in mental health too. You will feel confident, energetic, more motivated, and more alert. All this will have a great impact on your mindset.

adults growth mindset activity exercise

5. start exploring your strengths

It is generally seen in many adults that they are unaware of their strengths. They keep hitting their head here and there to no avail. Having the knowledge about one’s strengths can have a great impact on the mindset of the individual.

If you will have your strengths realized, it will be much easier for you to channelize your energies in the right direction. With right direction, success is the destination.

Therefore, start learning about your strengths for a better tomorrow.

6. stop chasing perfectionism

You may agree with me on this point that many people are always in the search of being perfect. Adults are no different, especially the young adults.

Many adults in the chase of perfectionism find themselves stuck on multiple tasks. Chasing perfectionism is a trait of fixed mindset.

Instead of being perfect it is important to try. Many adults are unaware of this fact. It is important to recognize that no one can be perfect in anything. There is always room to grow.

Therefore, a good way to grow is avoiding being perfect.

7. develop communication skills

There is a popular saying that “a person is recognized by how they behave and speak”. Having the knowledge of art of communicating is very important for an adult.

If your communication is good, your words are clear, you will be able to express your thoughts and vision easily to anyone. Your way of speaking will define your personality.

Having good communication skills will help you in getting a good job, expressing your thoughts without any difficulty, improving the confidence , and becoming a leader.

Pro tip: You can use a wall mirror to practice improving the communication skills.

8. think before acting

This is a very important growth mindset activity which can save you from many troubles. Many times we are in so hurry that we forget to think and just take action. Do you think it is right? acting without thinking can have many negative consequences.

Therefore, as an adult, whatever you do, take some time, think what I am doing is good/beneficial for me, what effect will it have on my future. After that take action. Never try to do things in haste.

think before acting exercise young adults

9. organizing room

Do you know that decluttering and organizing room and home helps in reducing stress[2] and increase the ability to focus? Yes, that’s right.

Organizing the house has many benefits for a growth mindset. You will feel lighter, focused , and accomplished after a decluttering room session.

Not only your house will become pleasing, your confidence will get a boost doing this growth mindset exercise.

10. not-to-do list

There are many things which an adult person doesn’t want to do. These can be things like not keeping awake for late nights, using phone in bed, spending long hours on social media, etc.

As clear by the name, by doing this activity you can make a list of all those activities which you don’t want to spend time on. This simple activity is great for increasing your productivity.

By listing those activities in the list which are of no use to you, you can save your time by avoiding multitasking, and bringing back the focus on the to-do list.

11. read 20 mins everyday

There is a famous quote that “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”

Reading a book everyday for 20 mins can transform your whole personality. Ever since I started reading books, my personality has changed. I feel more calm and relaxed. This you can experience too.

Not only that, reading is a great brain exercise[3]. By reading not only you are learning new things, but becoming more intelligent than your peers.

Pro tip: If you have a library nearby, you can enroll there to be in the company of readers.

12. learn to say ‘NO’

You might have experienced that someone asked you something to do and you were not able to say ‘NO’. This is a tough situation for many of us.

NO is a very simple word but not easy to say to someone. For many, saying ‘No’ to someone is a experience of guilt. We usually don’t want to say no because it can hurt someone else’s feelings.

But by agreeing to them we give our valuable time and energy for such work which might be not useful. Even some activities are done to protect from guilt.

But by learning to say ‘no’, you can save yourself from the bad feelings. It will also save your valuable time and energy.

growth mindset exercises for adults

13. learn to write a resume

Being an adult requires some kind of job/employment to survive. To be independent and live on your own, it is essential to have the flow of money coming in. For the flow of money a job/business is required.

To get a good job it is also important to have a good resume. Learn to write good resume where all your skills and qualifications are listed which can make you stand ahead from others.

14. develop connections

Human being is a social creature. We are always surrounded by people. These people come from different backgrounds, cultures, possess different kinds of skills and experiences.

To grow in life it is advisable to be in the company of those who you want to be like. Developing worthy connections can help you gain not only knowledge from them but also in learning from their experiences. This aids in developing your whole personality.

This will not only impact your personal life but will be advantageous for your professional life too.

15. take 100% responsibility

Taking responsibility for our actions is a great growth mindset exercise for adults. Many times it is seen that adults tend to move away from taking responsibility for their mistakes. This not accepting behavior is a part of fixed mindset.

It is a good idea to take responsibility for whatever work you do. It is not a right thing to blame others when something goes wrong.

Being fully accountable for your work will give you a sense of maturity and pride. Also others will see you with a respectful feeling.

16. learn personal finance

After entering the adult age group, almost all starts earning. But this is not the end. Many adults spend their income just like water. They don’t think once before spending.

But wasting money is not a right thing to do. To be financially independent, grow savings , and have a sense of security, it is very important to learn about your spending habits. This is where personal finance education comes into play.

This is a great adult growth mindset exercise which not only make you knowledgeable about doing budgeting, but will also open more avenues for you like investing, portfolio stocks, etc.

saving money personal finance exercise for adults

17. avoid dependence on others

This is one of the most important activity in this list. You may have observed that many adults(males and females both) are found dependent on others for various reasons. Some for work, some for support, etc.

This makes them rely on others for their day to day work. But when those people go away, reality struck. Many find themselves standing alone, clueless.

To avoid getting into such situations it is best not to depend on others. It doesn’t mean you should not ask for help, but completely relying on them is not the permanent solution.

Be independent, be fearless! Always remember you are your biggest supporter.

18. learn to cook

If you are a male reading this don’t say that cooking is just for females! This is an activity which can come handy anytime. Learning to cook can save you from many unwanted problems.

If you are living outside, away from home, living on food from restaurants and street, then you can imagine where your substantial amount of budget will go.

The best way is to cook by self. This will not only provide nutritious food to you but will also develop as a great hobby. Also cooking provides a sense of pride, peace , and confidence.

19. read newspaper

Reading newspaper daily is a great habit to improve the adult mindset. Reading newspaper everyday will keep you aware about your local area news, new technologies, world happenings, and many more.

This daily new information will keep you updated and full of knowledge.

20. let go negative peoples

Being an adult means lots of socializing, friends, relationships, and connections. But not all of them will be real to you.

Many among them might be of negative attitude. They may be hurting you mentally resulting in drained energy. Being in the company of such can have adverse impact on your mind.

Many will try to push you back. So make a list of such individuals and remove them from life for a nice future.

21. problem solver

An adult has to encounter so many problems throughout the day and in life. Many young adults panic just by seeing the problem.

If you read the history of successful people you will find that those people have faced so many challenges in life. Had they sit back thinking about problems, they would never have been able to be where they are today.

So the lesson is to not avoid the problems but find solutions to it. Being a problem solver is the mentality of a growth mindset person whereas a fixed mindset person run away from them.

Follow the not giving up attitude whatever the situation be.

22. befriend nature

This is a kind of growth mindset activity which will not only keep you at mental peace, but grounded too.

By befriending nature, I mean to remain close to nature. Take up various activities where nature is involved. You can take up walking, gardening, spending time in the sunlight, etc.

Befriending nature is also important in the sense that future depends on the adults especially the young adults. If you will take care of nature, preserve it, the nature in return will protect us too.

make nature your friend exercise for adult mindset

23. leave the comfort zone

There is a famous quote by Roy T. Bennett that “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Living in the comfort zone gives a sense of protection without facing problems. This is a false feeling. Being in the comfort zone leaves us from taking so many life changing opportunities.

To grow in life, going out of the comfort zone is very necessary. Young adults should never try be in their safe zone. It is the age where you can explore, experience , and change the world.

24. give gratitude

In a research conducted by Harvard[4] it is found that giving gratitude can make you happy. It also helps to feel more positive, building healthy relationships, and improving the health.

Being happy means more flow of positive thoughts, more energy, and consequently a better successful life. A must to do activity for adults.

25. enough sleep

Last but not the least activity on my list is taking ample sleep. For a adult human being it is recommended to take sleep of 8-10 hours[5] everyday.

Lack of proper sleep can bring many problems with it. A sleep deprived adult is not able to work properly. There mind remains lazy, fatigued, reduced attention span, poor decision making, and lack of energy.

For optimum performance of your brain and body, having the right amount of sleep is necessary. If you are not taking it right, start from today and feel the difference.

how to make the most out of the these activities?

Phew! Now you have a big list of activities in your hand, its time to make the best possible use of them.

Since it is not practical to start all the exercises in one go, to begin, you can start from activities like improving your sleeping habit, doing exercise, and taking a healthy diet.

After getting used to them, you can start other activities which you feel comfortable to start.


Adults are the building blocks for any nation. They comes under the working, employable population age.

The growth of a country highly depends on the mindset of the working population. If they will have the right mindset, the country will flourish.

Also for the personal growth of an adult, growth mindset is very important.

These growth mindset activities and exercises for adults will help to bring positive changes in their mindset. With a right mindset possibilities are endless.

For more activities on growth mindset, you can check my article: adults growth mindset exercises.




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