12 best growth mindset activities for athletes

growth mindset activities for athletes

Are you into sports and athletics looking to improve the mindset? Do you feel anxiety and unmotivated while playing your game? Then this post is for you.

In this post I have listed 12 growth mindset activities for athletes which will help you in improving your sport.

top growth mindset exercises for athletes

Athletes have to do so many things. From training to discipline they have to follow a tough routine.

This sometimes makes them to have a fixed mindset approach where they stop learning and lose motivation.

Sometimes anxiety and stress hampers their performance before, during and after the game.

In the list below you will find various activities which you can use to overcome all those challenges and compete as a top athlete.

So let’s look at them.

1. create sub-goals

There is a famous proverb that ‘Rome was not built in a day’. The first activity on my list is creating sub-goals for your primary goal. For example: If your primary goal is running a marathon, then your sub-goal can be first competing in short runs to build stamina and strength.

But keep in mind that assign a completion time for these sub goals because if you don’t then you may procrastinate in completing these short goals.

2. know the opponents

This activity will have a great effect on your sport performance. We all know what our strengths and weaknesses are but do we know that about our opponent player? May be not!.

Therefore it is very essential to learn about the strategies, strengths and weaknesses your opponent team players have.

This will help you in developing defensive techniques again your opponent team.

3. use imagery/ The PETTLEP model

If you read autobiographies of top athletes or watch their interview you will see one thing in common. That common thing is visualization or imagery.

Top athletes use imagery technique for their mindset development. Imagery helps them to visualize their weakness, strengths, regulating their anxiety during matches and remain in top form.

There is a model called PETTLEP for effective imagery. The word PETTLEP is an acronym for Physical, Environment, Task, Timing, Learning, Emotion, Perspective. According to this model we can use these 7 elements to create the most useful imagery and improve performance.

You can check this program for manifesting growth and success.

4. don’t just focus on results

It is our tendency to focus on results. We forget about the process. This is a wrong approach and need to be amended.

We should try to focus not on the results but on the process. If we can enjoy the process then we can perform well in the real game.

We should try to improve everyday bit by bit. Then you will see how good athlete this simple activity can make you.

5. use relaxation techniques

No one can deny this fact that everyone feels anxiety when they have a exam or test nearby. Same applies to athletes. Whenever a game or important match is nearby feeling of anxiety and self-doubt starts coming to the mind.

This is where relaxation techniques comes into use. As an athlete you should learn about various relaxation techniques like listening songs, meditation, breathing exercises, etc.

These relaxation techniques will help you feel calm and relaxed. You will be able to think clearly and your anxiety levels will decrease.

6. take Responsibility

Taking responsibility for your actions and behavior is a very good growth mindset exercise for athletes and sports persons. An athlete who will have a growth mindset will always be ready to take responsibility if something goes out of track.

Taking responsibility for your actions is a great sign of strength. When you take up the responsibility you are become more confident, problem solver, a great leader and a role model for others.

7. cherish failure

There is a very famous quote that “People who avoid failure, also avoid success”. Many athletes are afraid of making failures. They are running behind perfectionism.

If you would observe closely the top athletes you will find that they never get upset on making a mistake. They accept it and improve. That’s what you have to do.

You should not avoid making mistakes and not being perfect always. Mistakes are part of the game, they will occur but the important part is how deal with them.

8. Be consistent

Imagine practicing for a 100 meter race and one day you decide to take break and stop practicing. What will happen? You will lose the motivation and may be your race.

Consistency is very important for tasting success. It is a like a commitment you make for achieving the success. If you are not consistent your motivation to do the task will go down. You will feel cut off from your goal.

Therefore being consistent is a very important mindset activity for athletes.

9. take feedback

Consider just completing a race and there is no one to tell how you ran. How you will feel? This is where feedback part comes into play.

All top athletes take feedback from their coaches and mentors. Taking right feedback from your coach can take your game to the next level.

With right feedback in your hand you will be able to work on areas where feedback is given and improve your sport.

So let your ego set aside and be open to feedback.

10. self- talk

Positive self-talk is a great way of improving performance in sports. There is this tendency of mind to do negative self image talk.

You will hear your mind saying I can’t do this, What if I fail?, etc. This is something that needs to be worked upon.

You should work to rewire these negative self-talks. Whenever your mind says something negative write it down and counter it with a positive statement.

A great activity for athletes growth mindset.

You can use this book to learn powerful self-talk techniques.

11. don’t be over confident

This is a very big problem I have seen in many athletes and teams. I have seen big teams losing match just because of being over-confident.

As an athlete it is very important to remain grounded and not be over-confident. When one becomes over-confident their learning process stops. They start believing that no one can beat them.

This belief greatly impact an athlete’s growth. So whenever this kind of feeling comes into your mind just say that I am a constant learning and don’t know everything.

12. emotional freedom technique(EFT)

Last but not the least mindset activity on the list is EFT. It is a very powerful technique for releasing emotional pains and stress. You should definitely learn about it.

In this technique tapping is done on body parts to calm the mind. It also helps in treatment of physical pains.

You can read this book if you want to learn about EFT as a beginner.


So this was the post on the best mindset activities for athletes. I hope you liked these mindset exercises for athletes.

If you liked these activities then do share it with your other team members.

Also I have a nice collection of growth mindset activities. You can check that here: Activities for Growth Mindset.



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