13 best growth mindset activities for business

growth mindset activities for business

Are you a businessman or a startup entrepreneur looking for ideas about growing your business mindset? Are you looking for activities that can help you grow your business? Then this post is for you.

In this post I have listed 10 best growth mindset activities for business which you can actively use in your venture.

top growth mindset exercises for business

Growing a business is fun but not an easy task. One has to see failures, setbacks, losses, anxiety and many others.

But that doesn’t mean you should not do business. We should actively look for business opportunities and create one when you feel comfortable to start.

When I was in my early days of my business I also saw so many setbacks and failure. From those setbacks I learn’t so much.

During the initial days of my business I used the below listed growth mindset exercises for business which I am sharing with you.

Use them wisely for your benefit.

1. specify objectives

The first exercise you should do to grow your business is define your business objectives.

Business objectives are those actions which a business owner needs to do for achieving a goal. Having a clear cut target is very important in business. If you don’t have a target you are just doing trial and error.

There is a great book for learning about goal setting written keeping business owners in mind. You can take the help of that book too.

Therefore, first thing you should do is write down your organization objectives.

2. who are your customers

For a business it is very important to know about who their target buyers are. Therefore you should also take time and learn about your customer base.

For learning about your customers you can go to markets, do questionnaires, and find as much as you can about what your customer wants from you.

If you can manage to crack the customer interests then no one can stop you in becoming a successful businessman/businesswoman.

3. create, don’t compete

Wallace D. Wattles, a very famous personal development author said: “You get rid of the thought of competition. You are to create, not to compete for what is already created.”

It is a conventional wisdom that if you have to be successful then you have to compete. If you too believe like this than you are wrong!.

When you start competing with others your creative thinking ability decrease. You stop thinking about creating something new.

Therefore, as a business owner you should try to create something new, valuable. You will leave the competition behind automatically.

4. take feedback from customers

Many business owners think that they are creating best products and don’t pay attention to feedback.

Believe it or not customer feedback is very important for the growth of a business. When you are taking feedback from the buyers, you are putting them in the center of your business.

From them you get to know where your product is lagging, what are its plus points and where the product needs improvement.

You can use this book to learn the art of receiving feedback well.

So start this activity as soon as possible.

5. crawl, walk , run

Imagine you have to go from the first floor of the building to the fifth floor. You can’t do it in one step. Right? You need to take one step at a time. This is what crawl, walk, run method is.

Many over-ambitious business owners set unrealistic targets like “I will be profitable in my first month of business”, or “I will make hundred millions in a year!”

Do you think this kind of mindset can help you grow? Learn to use the C,W,R method. Initially just setup the business, learn about its various intricacies. Then slowly expand.

If you will follow this method then your chances of failing will be minimal.

6. avoid debt

Many business owners in the attraction of making more profits and expanding business starts taking credit from the market.

Taking credit is not a wrong thing in the first place but taking loan without a proper strategy is wrong.

So before taking any loan get to know what are your needs, why you need a loan?. If you get a satisfactory answer then proceed further.

7. Attend business seminars

There is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin. He said “For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”

You should regularly attend business seminars. By attending seminars you get to know about other business owners, what strategies they are using to grow their business, what mistakes they made and many other things.

This is a great business growth mindset activity for you.

8. Leverage Your Resources

This is a very powerful activity for growing business. Resource leverage means to use your available resources in the best possible way.

Master this skill of using the available resources in the best way. Bu learning about this leveraging art you will find yourself much ahead in the market. Your finances will improve, productivity goes up and you will be more successful.

Therefore, learn to leverage what you have with you.

9. learn about taxation and accounting

Business is all about making money and appreciating profits. Therefore it is very essential to learn about various money related concepts.

With learning these concepts you will be able to file your income tax, do book keeping and many other tax and accounting related tasks.

Therefore, you should get yourself aware on these topics.

entrepreneurial mindset exercises

If you are an entrepreneur and have just started out in the startup space than here are few exercises which you can do to gain success.

1. find a mentor

In your business career you will come across various times when you will find yourself stuck. You will feel that you business is going nowhere.

That’s where the role of a business mentor starts. If you will have a business mentor he/she will be able to guide you properly. Having a mentor is very important in the growth of a business.

A good mentor will be able to give you valuable insights, their knowledge and most importantly he/she will act as a person who you can trust in tough times.

Therefore, look around and find a good trustworthy mentor for yourself.

2. Ask why you want to do

The very basic of a great startup is a great idea. So if you think you have a great idea which has the power to change the world, than it is equally important to keep reminding yourself why you started it in the first place. What motivated you to start?

Ask these type of questions to self everyday to remain on the path.

3. keep a check on budget

Doing budgeting is very important aspect for the success of a startup. If you are on a limited budget than it is my advice to keep a check on your expenses.

Remember a penny saved is a dollar earned for a startup.

4. maintain a healthy work-life balance

Many startup founders and team members just want to work on their product neglecting their health and family.

As an entrepreneur I can agree that working on project is important but so do is health. If you will fall ill than it will have a consequence on your mission.

Therefore, don’t forget to exercise and talk to family members everyday.


So this was the post on the best growth mindset activities for entrepreneurs and business. I hope you liked these activities for business mindset.

If you liked these activities then do share it in your business circle.

Also, if you want to read about other important growth mindset activities then you can check my article on best growth mindset activities. Link is best growth mindset activities.



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