11 best growth mindset activities for college students

growth mindset activities for college students

Are you a college student looking to improve your mindset? Are you someone who wants to remain ahead than your peers? If the answer is yes, then this post is for you.

In this post I have listed 11 growth mindset activities for college students which can help you to grow in your career and life.

top growth mindset exercises for college students

When I was in college I used to hang out with friends, play and of course not to mention, study. College time is like the golden time in our lifetime. During the time of my college I learnt so many new skills.

If a student decide to concentrate on his/her growth mindset while being in college, then he/she is ready to set themselves apart from many students.

They will be able to learn more skills, get ample time to work on their personality development and their thinking perspective will see a huge change.

Growth mindset is all about skills. If we learn the skills then who can stop us. In the below list you will find many such exercises which will of great advantage to you. So make the use of them wisely.

1. learn to code

The first growth mindset exercise for college students is to learn coding. In this age of technology we can not deny learning this skill.

By learning to code you will be much ahead then your peers. By doing coding you will enhance your problem-solving skills, your thinking pattern will develop, you will be able to develop applications and software and your overall personality will see a change.

2. do a personal project

The next activity on my list is doing a personal project. The project can be anything like if you are into coding then you can make an app, if you are into business and accounting then you can prepare a project about some organization(how it works, its economics, data,etc).

This project doing activity is very beneficial for you. When you will work on a project you will learn to face the many obstacles that will come into your path, learning from mistakes , and facing challenges.

3. start a non-profit organization

This activity will have a great impact on your leadership qualities. You can start a non-profit organization with your friends and work as a team for social causes.

You can raise fundraisers, help the needy, teach poor family kids, and can do charity.

Starting such an organization will greatly aid in the growth mindset. You learn how to manage team, your leadership skills improve, you learn about various social issues, you become a source of inspiration for many.

4. take online courses

It is generally a tendency of students to just focus on their academics. They don’t want to learn outside. You don’t need to be like them.

Since you are in college this time, take it as an opportunity. Learn as much skills as you can because after college you will be having less time to spend on learning new skills.

So use this time wisely.

5. do internship

This activity will hugely help in developing your career skills, and time management. Take a internship in your nearby companies or organizations. If there are no vacancies available for internship nearby then you can go for remote internships.

Doing internship will help you in making yourself job ready. Your network will improve, your skills will improve , and most importantly you will get a additional work profile to add to your CV.

6. join a club

In every college there is a club or society. You should not hesitate to be a part of them. You can join a club according to your hobby.

If you like writing then you can join a drama club, if you are into arts and design then you can join a arts club, etc.

The thing is joining a college club is a great way of improving your mindset. When you join a club you interact with other students who have same interest like you. You gain knowledge through ideas, your confidence level goes up and you make new friends.

7. help a local business

This can be both like a freelancing or a charity work. You can go to a local business and tell them about your skills.

You can help them in their accounts, their shop interior, marketing or according to the skill you possess.

Having worked with them you can even start your own entrepreneurship journey. So a win win activity.

8. write a book

You may be wondering who writes a book while in college? But that’s not true. Many students write book while in college years.

The question comes, then on what topic can I write a book as a college student?

There are various topics you can write a book on. For example, you can write a book on your experience in high school, about a social problem, a guide for helping students to get into top colleges/universities.

Writing a book will also help with your CV.

9. find a mentor

There is a famous saying that “Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own.”. This applies for having a mentor in college.

Having a mentor can have a very positive impact on your life. Mentors being more experienced then mentees can give a more balanced outlook of a situation than others. They can also help you in your professional life.

You will get to learn so much from their experiences. So I suggest that you should find a mentor.

10. Learn a new word everyday

You should make this your habit of learning a new word everyday. Apart from making your vocabulary strong, it will help in breaking normal pattern of behavior.

This simple activity will help you broadening your thinking horizon, and building a sense of achievement in you.

You can take help of apps or newspaper for selecting the word and learning about it.

11. Build A Community

The last but not the least college students growth mindset activity on my list is building a community.

When you build a community you get a sense of belonging. Building a community is very easy nowadays. You can use social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram or popular writing platforms like Quora and Medium to share your ideas.


So this was the post on the best growth mindset exercises for college students. I have tried to include the best activities which will surely benefit you. I hope you liked these activities.

If you liked these college students growth mindset ideas then do share it with your other friends.

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