10 best Growth mindset activities for employees

growth mindset activities for employees

An employee is a person who is working for somebody else to earn wage or salary. For any organization mindset of an worker is very important.

If you are a owner/administrator of an organization and looking for ideas to inculcate growth mindset culture in your employees then this post is for you.

In this post I have listed 10 growth mindset activities for employees which will help you to growth the atmosphere of growth mindset among your staff members.

top exercises for employees growth mindset

This list contains activities which are fun and helps in bringing the sense of one team and self-confidence among the employees.

So let’s start.

1. put the ball in basket

This is a very fun activity to do for the employees. To do this activity a basket, a plain board and of course a ball will be required.

This is a two player activity. For doing this activity, the basket is placed on the floor. One of the two members will stand behind the basket holding the board and the other player will stand in front of the basket with ball in hand at a distance of nearly 3 meters.

The team member with the ball will throw it towards the basket, with ball touching the surface only once for a tap. The other team member will then have to hit the ball and put it into the basket using that board.

This exercise is very awesome in the sense that the members will learn how to coordinate and execute a task efficiently without losing focus.

2. riddle

Who doesn’t know about riddles? We all have played this game at some point in our life.

We can use the same game for mindset development. For employees, two teams can be created and one member from each team will ask a riddle question to the second team.

The team which will have more points at the end will be the winner of the activity.

3. unroping the rope

A great exercise for improving the patience time and mental abilities of staff members. In this activity two ropes are tied to two members respectively and these members have to then unrope themselves.

This activity has a very great impact on the mental part of the person. While doing this activity the person will use his/her mind to think in many different ways which can be used to untie himself/herself from the tied rope.

A great growth mindset boost activity.

4. flying ball

A very powerful growth mindset activity for workers which requires immense coordination from the players during the task.

In this activity a bowl is tied to 5-6 strings measuring a few meters in length. A ball is then put up in that bowl. Now the objective is to take the bowl having the ball in it to a predefined location.

Members need to pull the string to keep the bowl balanced. This is a great exercise which develops coordination and problem solving approach in the employees.

5. caterpillar race

As it is clear from the name of the activity that it is a kind of a race. But this is a very different one. This exercise helps in developing time management skills among the employees.

For doing this activity two or three teams are made with five members in each team. Now each member of the team will stand in a line, one after the other.

Between each two members of the team a balloon will be put up touching one members back and other ones stomach.

Now the objective of this activity is to run towards the finish line without letting these balloons fall. Now you may be understanding why it is called as caterpillar race!

The team which will first cross the finish line will win the game.

6. robotic team

A great listening enhancement activity for employees. As we all know that robots follow the instructions of the person operating it. The same concept will apply in this activity.

For doing this activity two people will be required. One the operator and the other one as robot.

The person as robot will be blindfolded using a cloth. Now an objective will be given to them ex:cross a line. Obstacles will be placed in the path.

Now the operator will provide instructions to the robot and the robot will act on his/her instructions.

7. appreciation paper

This is my favorite activity among all those exercises listed here. This activity brings positive atmosphere in the work place and creates a sense of fraternity among the employees.

In this activity all the employees will stick a plain white paper to their backs. Now they have to go to each member of the workplace and ask them to write words of appreciation/gratitude about them on that paper. Do note that a single color pen/marker will be used during the whole activity to keep anonymity.

With this activity they will learn how valuable and important they are for the organization. A great peaceful activity with deep impact.

8. do the opposite

As clear from the heading in this activity employees will have to do the opposite of what is asked from them.

This activity is mainly performed by forming a line of employees and then giving them the instructions. An awesome activity for building the attention power among the workers.

If you will say ‘Move Right’ then all the employees will have to move towards ‘Left’. One who will not be able to listen carefully will be out.

9. glass pyramid

In this activity employees will have to make teams. Objective of the exercise is to form a pyramid using plastic glasses.

Team members will have to put the glass over their head, balance it, and move towards the final point one by one. That team who will be able to form the pyramid first will be awarded.

A great exercise for building agility and concentration among the employees.

10. banana feast

Don’t get confused with the name. This is an activity very different from all those listed above.

This is a type of race(group race to be precise). In this race a dozen of bananas will be given to each group respectively. Twelve people participate through each group.

Now what they have to do is they have to run where the bananas are placed, eat the banana , and come back to their original position.

The group who will be to do this in less time than others will be the exercise winner.


This was the post about mindset activities for employees. I hope you liked these creative and team building activities for workers and employees.

If you liked these activities then do share it with others.

You can also check more growth mindset activities here: exercises for growth mindset.



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