10 best growth mindset activities for high school students

growth mindset activities for high school students

Are you in a high school looking for ideas about growth mindset activities for high school students? Then this post is for you.

In this post I have listed 10 best high school students growth mindset activities which can help you to grow.

top growth mindset exercises for high school students

The age of a high school student is from 14-18 years. At this age the teenager student start learning complex things.

A teen of this age is required to focus on his career and on extra curricular activities. If he/she will be having a fixed mindset then it may hamper his/her growth.

The growth mindset activities listed below will surely help you in changing the mindset to a growth mindset.

Adopting these exercises in the schedule will greatly help you in changing your thinking, improving confidence and looking things from a different perspective.

So let’s read them all.

1. take part in debates

Taking part in debates is a great growth mindset exercise for high school students. Being a part of debates is helpful for high schoolers in many ways.

When you take part in a debate you learn more about the subject, gain personal skills, your vocal skills improve and the quality of your education improves.

So taking part in debates is a good thing for the growth mindset.

2. extempore speech

Giving extempore speeches is a great activity for high school students. Extempore is an on the spot event which requires to speak on a topic. Someone gives you a topic and you have to speak on the topic there only.

Taking part in extempore speech activities will help your mind to think out of the box, your communication skills will improve, your confidence will improve , and leadership quality emerges from you.

3. group discussion

Third activity on my list is group discussion with other fellow students. This activity will greatly improve your mindset.

When you take part in group discussion activities your listening, thinking and speaking skills improve.

Since you are discussing the topic with other students it means you are exchanging your ideas with them listening to their ideas, which have a very positive impact on your mindset.

4. practice mindfulness

Another great activity for growth mindset is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is an activity of focusing attention on the present moment. When you practice mindfulness you become more calm, attentive and peaceful, both in and out.

You start looking at things from a different perspective. Practicing mindfulness will help you to react less on unnecessary things and increases awareness.

5. learn to write letters

Writing letters is a great activity for high school students. Writing letter has many benefits for secondary school teenagers.

It will help you to improve your creativity, thinking pattern, making your mind sharp. It will also help in developing deep connections with other.

Therefore a must to do growth mindset exercise.

6. take a job

Taking a job while in a high school has great advantages. When you take a job it will improve your overall personality.

Apart from valuing the money, you will get to learn skills from the employer, you learn the importance of budgeting, time management. Your self-worth increase.

That’s why it is good to take a part time job while in high school.

7. work on handwriting

Since you are in high school this time it is very important to work on your handwriting. A good handwriting is the symbol of clear communication.

If your handwriting will be good you will be able to express your thoughts more clearly. Your words will be able to communicate on behalf of you!

Not to mention good handwriting improves grades, stimulate brain activity, and build confidence.

8. grow network

Eighth activity on my list is to have a network of friends and other people. It is very important to start networking from this age only.

When you start networking as a high school student you get more people to advice on your career, get their perspective and ideas, finding newer opportunities and not the least long lasting friendships.

9. learn something new

At this age just learning about your academic subjects is not enough. You should go beyond it. Find something that you like and learn it as an additional skill.

This will not only help in your self development but also add up in your portfolio for college admissions.

10. join a nGO/community work

What can be a better activity than serving the people? If you are not giving something back to community then education is of no use. You must work for a NGO as a volunteer.

It will help you to learn the lessons of management, help in admission to colleges, networking, developing social skills and most importantly becoming a good human being.


This was the post on the best growth mindset exercises for high school students. I hope you liked these exercises for high school growth mindset.

If you are a high school teacher or a high student, then you can recommend these to other students.

If you liked these secondary school growth mindset activities then do share it with your other high school friends.

Also if you want to learn about more growth mindset activities then you can check my post: Exercises for Growth Mindset.



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