8 best growth mindset activities for home

growth mindset activities for home

Are you a person who works from home or a mom/dad living with kids looking for ideas that can help in improving the mindset at home? Then this is the right post for you.

In this post I have listed 8 growth mindset activities for home which you can do easily while at home.

top growth mindset exercises for home

There are various ways which a person can use at home for developing, and growing mindset.

When I am at home, I use various methods which help me in growing the mindset, keeping me busy, removing the boredom ,and helping me in learning something new.

All those methods I have listed here. Use them according to your abilities.

1. declutter and organize

The first activity I do at home for improving mindset is decluttering. It is a great stress buster for me.

Decluttering and organizing the home stuff is a great growth mindset activity. When you declutter the home items your mind starts thinking more about how to arrange the stuff in a proper way.

This helps in developing the thinking ability in you. On top of that you feel more energetic, creative, and confident after a decluttering session.

You don’t need to organize the whole house in a single shift. Divide the task into small parts and then start. Otherwise you may get overwhelmed in the first place.

You can take help from this book having over 100 checklists and worksheets for decluttering home.

2. help a stranger

A great activity for home. This is an activity which will make you more kind and develop a sense of belonging to the society.

When you help someone you are not just reducing their pains and suffering, you are bringing more happiness in this world.

With your little act of kindness you are attracting more happiness, joy and a sense of self worth in you.

3. take cold showers

This activity will have a great impact on your productivity and energy levels. Taking cold showers in the morning is a great growth mindset exercise for home.

When we take cold showers we feel amazing throughout the day. Our attention increases, discipline goes up and you fell less ill.

I use cold showers daily to increase my alertness and reduce stress and anxiety levels.

4. reward yourself

One of the thing we not do is that we don’t reward ourselves! It is very important for you to reward yourself when you are at home. I mostly reward myself with a ice cream or a good movie watch.

Rewarding self has many positive benefits. When we start rewarding ourselves for tasks we perform we start feeling more confident and energetic.

I use this activity for reducing procrastination, keeping me active, and away from distractions.

So a must to do growth mindset activity when at home.

5. exercise

Fifth activity on my list is to exercise daily. You might already be aware of the benefits of working out at home but let me list out some here.

Working out at home will help in reducing your stress and anxiety levels, elevating your mood, keeping in good shape, and most important to keep the body healthy.

A 30-45 minutes exercise session is good for the whole day.

6. gardening

Gardening is a great activity for developing the growth mindset. When we do gardening we come very close to nature, we feel more positive and grounded.

You don’t need fancy equipment or big space to start gardening. Even if you don’t have space you can do gardening in plant containers or bags.

I use gardening to improve my attention, relieve my stress and live a healthy life.

Check this book on gardening if you are a beginner.

7. worship

Most of us follow a religion. Taking some time to connect with god can have a very positive effect on our mindset.

When we worship, our body releases hormones which positively effects our brain. We feel more calm, relaxed, energetic when we worship.

8. talk to family members

This is a growth mindset exercise which most may be aware of but don’t use effectively. It is very important to keep connected with your family when you are at home.

When we talk with our parents or someone close to us we are sharing our problems with them and developing a bond.

It may seem awkward first but you should chat with someone who you can trust. This will help you to learn about their perspective, getting advice on important topics.


So this was the post on the best growth mindset exercises for home. I have included the best mindset exercises which you can do at home easily.

I hope you liked these exercises. If you liked these home growth mindset activities then do share them.

Also, if you want to learn more about growth mindset activities then check my article on growth mindset exercises. Here is the link for that: Growth Mindset Exercises.



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