11 best growth mindset activities for kindergarten students

growth mindset activities for kindergarten students

Are you a kindergarten school teacher looking for ideas about growth mindset activities for kindergarten students? Then this post is for you.

In this post I have listed best activities for kindergarten kids which you can use in your kindergarten classroom.

top growth mindset activities for kindergarten kids

Kindergarten students are in the age group of 5-6 years. At this stage their mind starts learning about the various things.

Since kindergarten school is the first step in their formal schooling life, it is very important for us to develop a mindset in them that helps in their mental, cognitive, hearing, thinking , and overall development.

It is also important to teach a k-12 student various social skills and behavior using different games, exercises,etc.

In this list you will find activities which will help your kindergarten student to develop his/her mindset.

So let’s start.

1. crafting

First activity on my list is art and craft. Crafting is a very powerful and important exercise for kindergarten students.

It will not only help in developing imaginative thinking among them but also aids in the development of hand and eye coordination among the student.

A must have exercise in kindergarten schools for their creative mind development.

You can check this beautiful crafting kit for kindergarten school children.

2. let them dance

Dance is a great way of developing reflexes and activeness among the students. It helps them to get moving and enjoy.

To make this fun for your kids, you can use poems and other kid friendly music to bring your kids to the dance floor. You can even use various forms of dance like hula hoop dance, balloon dance, etc. to make it more exciting for the young kids.

It will also help in developing energy and learning new skills. A one of the most loved activity of kids.

3. finger painting

Third exercise on my list is ‘Finger Painting Exercise’. This kindergarten growth mindset kids exercise will need just some kids safe paint and white paper sheets.

Ask them to draw on the paper with using their fingers. A great exercise for building motor skills in children.

Check this washable paint kit for your kid.

4. dice

One of my favorite exercise for developing mindset among kindergarten students. This exercise is great for building cognitive and memory power among the kg kids. For this exercise all you need is a fabric dice.

To do this activity, you need to ask your children to roll the dice and whichever number will come on the dice, student will have to jump those number of times. A fun and awesome activity for learning numbers.

5. school tour

This activity is kind of a first day icebreaker exercise for kindergarten students. For this activity you have line up the students of your class and take them to the school tour.

You can take them to other neighboring classes, to the canteen, to the principal office, staff room, etc.

A great exercise for knowing about the environment and other fellow kids in the school premise.

6. ball in the basket

A very enjoyable exercise for kids. To do this exercise, you will need a cotton ball and 3-4 baskets of different colors. Arrange those baskets in a horizontal line.

Now you have to ask your students to throw the cotton ball in one of the baskets. In whichever basket he/she will throw the ball, you will then ask about the color of the basket from that student.

In this way students shall be able to learn about different colors, and hand eye coordination. A must exercise to include in your list.

7. clap if true

A great exercise for memory, active recall , and motor skills development in kindergarten kids.

To do this exercise you will need to show a image to your students and ask a question about that image. If the answer to that image is true then, all students will clap together.

A great activity for the development of kids mindset.

8. hug your friend

This is a very powerful activity for building a sense of belonging among the nursery school kids.

This activity is done by asking a student to hug another kid. Another kid can be the one who is wearing same color,hat,etc.

You can even use as an activity for first day icebreaker for kg kids.

9. rhyme time

At this age kids start speaking a little bit. This next activity on this list is a enjoyable and creative activity for developing phonological abilities in a child.

In this activity you have to show them two pictures with rhyming sounds. Ex- Show them image of a tree and number three.

Then ask them to say aloud what is in the image. A great activity to develop their vocal skills.

10. make alphabet

This activity will help kids in learning about the alphabets in a creative way.

For this activity to be done you will need colorful wooden ice-cream sticks. You now have to make an alphabet on the class board and ask your students to make that alphabet using those sticks.

With this activity they will not only learn about the alphabets but it will also help in developing the thinking part in them. Try it once in your class and see the response.

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11. connect the dots

It is very important for kids of this age to start learning about various geometrical shapes. This “connect the dots activity” will help your kindergarten student to learn about various mathematical shapes.

For this activity you will need to provide class students sheets having colorful dots printed on them. Then you have to ask them to connect the dots.

You can ask them to connect the dots to make a square, rectangle,etc. A great activity for developing brain and shape learning.


This was the post on the best exercises for kindergarten students growth mindset. I have tried to be as explanatory as possible to tell about these exercises.

I hope you liked these mindset activities for nursery students. If you liked these kg mindset exercises then do share it with other kindergarten teachers.

Also if you want to learn more growth mindset exercises then you can check this link -> Exercises for growth mindset development.



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