13 best growth mindset activities for managers

growth mindset activities for managers

Are you in managing profession looking to improve your mindset? Then this post is for you.

In this post I have listed 12 growth mindset activities for managers which will help you in developing a positive mind and trust among your fellow team members.

top activities for managers growth mindset

We all know that how stressful sometimes becomes to be a manager. Although it is a very noble profession where you are heading a team and helping make the world a better place to live. But sometime long working hours can alter your mindset.

The activities listed below will help you to improve your mindset and learn about various activities which can make you a better team leader.

So let’s start.

1. Appreciate your team

The first activity on my list is appreciation of your team. This is a very important part of the managerial profession.

You should always appreciate your team members whenever they accomplish a task. Appreciating your team will have a positive effect both on you and the team members.

By giving words of appreciation you are making them feel special and respected.

You can even give your team members these type of appreciation gifts for team to thank them.

2. gratitude

Second growth mindset activity for managers if that you should always have gratitude. By being grateful you are attracting many mental and psychological benefits.

Expressing gratitude helps one to be more happy, jovial, and in shifting negative thoughts into positive.

For developing gratitude you can use this gratitude journal to develop thankfulness and positivity.

3. go for a walk

Walking is a very important part of being mentally strong and remain in the present. A simple walk of 20-25 minutes is enough for improving your growth mindset.

When you go for a walk your energy levels go up, you feel more confident(physically and mentally), your social circle expand. All these changes aids the growth mindset attitude.

4. bless someone

It is a universal truth that when you share something with others you get more than in return. Blessing someone is a very powerful growth mindset activity for leaders.

Blessing someone increases your sense of self-worth, respect, and you feel more grounded.

5. talk to your team members

It is often said that those who communicate, leads. This is true for every profession. Make a habit of talking to your team members.

Try to talk about their strengths/weaknesses, their family problems or any general topic.

By knowing your team members you are building trust between you and team member, and promoting a healthy work environment.

A great team building growth mindset activity too.

6. lead by example

A very strong growth mindset exercise for managers. You might have seen that people follow those who knows how to lead.

Therefore, strive to be a respected leader. You need to lead not by your words but by your behavior.

This will greatly impact your growth.

7. problem solver

Problem solving people are inspiration for others. Others trust them very much. They see the problem as an opportunity to lead.

When a problem arrive don’t try to just manage it, instead identify it, communicate with your team and solve the problem together.

A great activity which will not only improve your confidence but will help you being known as a problem solver.

8. develop effective time management

One who knows how to use time wisely knows how to be a leader. A good manager will always try to use their limited time wisely.

You should make this a habit of filtering out the important tasks from the unimportant ones. Once you will master this activity you will see how much difference it will make in your day to day communication with your team members.

This activity will not only benefits in your professional life but also a game changer in your personal life too.

You can take help of this book to learn about effective time management.

9. time for decision making

Taking time for making decisions can have a great effect on your mindset. It is generally seen that people take decisions in haste. It is a very wrong habit. You should never take decisions in haste.

You should always ponder can I take time for taking decision on this matter?. When you take time for taking important decisions it allows you to visualize the positive and negative of the said action.

This will help in making a more coordinated decision along with your team members. If after all those visualizations your inner voice says yes, then do it.

10. take ownership

It is often seen among many leaders that they make mistakes and blame others for their act. But it is not the right thing to do.

If you will look at the histories of famous people, one thing you will find common , they take up ownership if something goes wrong. They don’t blame their team, management, etc.

You have to be like that. Inculcate this habit of taking ownership when something goes wrong and praise the team when task goes right.

By taking ownership you are building respect among your team members.

11. don’t be i am perfect

Many managers get into this feeling that they are perfect and doesn’t need any more knowledge. This is a very wrong assumption.

You never need to assume that you are perfect. Always try to keep learning. Join workshops, enroll in a course but never stop learning.

12. build a support network

I don’t have to discuss in detail what is the importance of having a support network. You might know its importance firsthand.

Therefore, always try to connect with people. Never hesitate asking for help from your peers.

A good support network will help you in making progress in work, networking, and social life.

13. meditate regularly

Which you will be more relaxed and focused your performance will be better. This is what meditation will help you achieve.

Meditation helps to cope in stressful situations. When you meditate you will feel decline in your anger levels, negative thoughts. A sense of peace with oneself will be observed.

Just sit for 5-10 minutes daily and you are good for the day.


So this was the post on the best mindset exercises for managers. I hope this post helped you with the mindset thinking.

If you liked this post on managers mindset activities then do share it with your other manager friends.

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