11 best growth mindset activities for preschool toddlers

growth mindset activities for preschool

Preschool is that informal branch of schooling where a toddler starts learning about actions, shapes and colors. It is the age where one’s mind start developing.

Since you are here it means that either you are a preschool teacher or a parent looking for ideas about growth mindset activities for preschool.

In this post I have listed 11 awesome pre-k growth mindset exercises for your kid. These activities will help your young one’s in developing their mind, creative thinking, and overall fun for you kid.

So let’s start.

top exercises for preschool kids growth mindset

Age of preschool children is between 2-5 years. Since at this age they are unable to understand much clearly and need instructions from our side, these activities are such that they will require minimum stuff, but are very powerful for your child’s personal development.

1. doodling

First activity on my list is doodling. If you don’t know about doodling then let me define it for you: doodling is an activity of drawing lines and patterns without thinking. Got the point?

Doodling is a great activity for toddlers growth mindset. A great brain booster for kids of this age. This activity will help them to build their thinking ability, memory and creativity.

Check out this cool magnetic doodle board for your kid.

2. Action Activity

Since this is an age where kids can’t do much of their own, so you have to be their companion in the exercise and let them follow your actions.

Do actions in front of them like walking, dancing, jumping,etc. and ask your kid to do the same.

This simple and basic activity will help your child to develop the skill of responding to instructions.

3. Color the floor/wall

Favorite activity of kids. In fact, children loves this. For this toddler mindset activity, just give your kids some kids safe colors and let them use their hands and body to draw on the wall/floor. You will get to know how creative and fun loving your kid is.

Just don’t forget to keep some water near them so that they can wash their hands if the hands get too messy while painting.

This washable color paint will be suitable for your kid.

4. water play

An entertaining activity which kids will not deny doing. For this activity fill a small tub or sink with water and ask your kid to play with water. What a sight it will be?

You can even put some floating and non-floating objects near the kid to let them throw them into the water.

An adventures and cool-cool activity for kids with huge benefit for their reflexes.

5. color the shapes

Coloring shapes is a fun growth mindset exercise for toddlers. A great activity for building the motor skills in a child. Just take out some print out of various geometrical shapes and ask your child to fill them using different colors.

Coloring the shapes activity will help your young one to learn about holding things and developing hand eye coordination fast.

6. building blocks/lego

A cool activity for learning about various shapes and balancing things. Give them Lego or colorful building blocks of different shapes and sizes. Ask your kid to put the blocks one over the other.

By doing this activity your child will start recognizing different shapes since for building the block same kind of block will be required.

See how they perform this activity. This is a very simple but effective activity for improving their thinking abilities.

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7. pass the string through hole

One of the best activity for developing hand eye coordination among the toddlers. For doing this activity, you will need some wooden blocks or plastic blocks with holes in their center , and a string which can be passed through them.

Ask your kid to pass that string through the blocks and watch their progress in cognitive development.

8. treasure box

Everyone loves mystery boxes. When I was a kid I also used to have a mystery treasure box with me. Therefore, I know that kids will love it too.

For this activity you will need to convert a spare cardboard box into a treasure box. Color the box with bright eye catching colors. Fill it with things which your kid likes ex- toys, colors or any similar things.

Ask your kid to open the box and see their reaction. This will benefit your child in many ways. With this activity, your kid will learn to inspect things and observe.

You can check this 210 Pcs toy collection for your kids treasure box activity.

9. button on the line

Another fun exercise for developing motor skills in your child. For this activity you will need two things. 1- A thick line. 2 – Plastic buttons of various colors.

First you will need to draw a thick line on a piece of a A-4 size paper or on the floor.

The objective of the activity is to place the buttons over the line. Do this activity in front of your kid first and then ask them to do it. Kids will enjoy it.

You can even do another version of this exercise where balloons are used and line is drawn on the wall. Objective is to stick balloon on the line.

10. clay models

Clay modelling is a great exercise for developing mind and thinking ability of a child. Kids love playing with clay. The freedom to make anything out of clay give wings to their imagination.

For doing this activity just give them colorful molding clay and watch their artist mode coming out. You will be amazed with the end result.

11. money in the bank

A great exercise for building motor skills among preschool toddlers. For this activity you have to build a small cardboard home. In that home you have to make a slit hole at the top.

What you have to do now is make some fake cardboard coins and put them in the home through that slit hole. You have to do this activity in presence of your child.

Once they will learn to do it ask them to do themselves. With this activity your kid will learn how to lift things and place them safely.


This was the post on best exercises for toddlers growth mindset. If your kid is in the age group of 2-5 then these activities will surely help him/her.

I hope you liked these growth mindset activities for pre-k. If you liked these activities then do share it with other parents and preschool teachers.

If you want to learn more growth mindset activities then you can check them here -> Growth Mindset Activities.



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