11 best growth mindset activities for primary school students

growth mindset activities for primary school students

Are you a primary school teacher looking for ideas about growth mindset activities for primary school students? Then your search ends here.

In this post I have listed some of the best interesting and fun mindset activities for primary school students.

top primary school growth mindset exercises

I have listed 11 growth mindset exercises for primary school students here. These exercises are designed in such a way that they will help in optimum development of the child and need very few things to complete.

So let’s start.

1. name game

The first primary school activity on my list is ‘Name Game’. This is an icebreaker activity for primary school students. In this activity student introduce themselves to other students in a unique style.

To do this activity the students starts by taking his/her name in front of the whole class and do an action like jumping. After the student has completed his/her introduction, other students of the class repeat the name of the student with the same action involved.

This is a great first day icebreaker activity for the primary school kids. They get to know each with performing an action and repeating the name all together.

2. stop and walk

This is a group activity. In this activity a group of students stands in the form of a circle. You as a teacher instruct the students that to walk when you say ‘Walk’ and stop when you say ‘Stop’.

The catch here is that you will randomly say Stop and walk. Ex: Walk Walk Walk Stop Stop …

To perform well in this activity, Students will have to follow the instruction and if they miss the instruction then they need to move out of the group.

This activity will help in increasing their hearing concentration and acting fast on an instruction.

3. fill the circles with Alphabet

In this activity you have to make two groups of students. In this activity a board and marker/chalk will be required.

On the board you will have to make 26 circles representing 26 English alphabets. A student from each group will take turn to fill the circles with a alphabet.

If a member from the group fill up a circle with an alphabet which is already filled, then that group will lose a point.

This activity will help your students to learn about the alphabets more fast. This activity can also be done with numbers too if you don’t want to do it with alphabets.

4. name the Emotions

This activity is used to improve the behavior checking aspect of students. In this activity you will make emotions on your face like of anger, happiness, sadness, etc and the students will then name the emotion.

5. what do you see?

This primary school mindset exercise is very great for the little kids. This activity is widely used to improve the recalling ability of students.

For this activity you will need some photos of pets, electronics, sports,etc and then ask your students what do you see?

They shall respond by saying ” I see an airplane”.

This will help your students to visually recall things more easily and increase their memory power.

6. pass the ball

This is a very fun and team activity. Students enjoy this activity very much. To do this activity a small ball and paper cup is required.

You have to form two teams of students A and B. Both teams will have a paper cup and a ball. The objective of the exercise is to pass the ball from one member of the team to another using paper cups.

The team which will pass to the last member of the group first will be the winner.

This activity is great for warming up the young minds and make them more fast but at the same time concentrated on the task.

7. straw in the bangle

This growth mindset exercise is very similar to ‘Pass the ball’ activity but in this activity a straw and a plastic bangle/ring is used.

The objective of the exercise is to make the bangle move from one end of the classroom to the other end without coming in contact with the surface.

Team members have to hold the straw in their mouths and with the help of that straw the bangle has to be moved from first member to the last member.

8. Imitate me

Imitate me is an exercise which requires you to stand in front of the students and make different body actions like dance, jumping, etc.

Students will then imitate you and complete the exercise.

9. in and out

This is a very similar activity to the one we saw above(Walk and Stop). For this activity you have to draw a circle on the floor and make your primary class students stand outside that circle.

You tell them the rules of the exercise that when you will say ‘In’ the students should jump into the circle and when you will say ‘Out’ they have to jump out.

But you have to not say it in an easy manner. Just like above activity say in random manner. In Out In In Out…

Those who will not be able to follow the instructions will be out of the game.

10. fill the color

This is an activity for improving their cognitive power. For this activity you will need paper sheets which will be distributed among the students to complete the exercise.

On the paper sheets 5 numbers from 1 to 5 will be written and given a color each. Below these colors and numbers, some calculations will be given with an empty space to fill it with a color.

Student will then have to do the calculation and circle it with the color which is associated with the answer.

fill the color growth mindset activity for primary school students

Ex. If the answer comes 1 and the color associated with 1 is green then the student will fill the balloon with green color.

11. balance the lemon

This is an activity which is to be performed outside the classroom on a playground. This is kinda sports activity where the students will take part in a small fun race.

The crux of this race is a spoon and a lemon which the students have to balance.

Students will have to hold the spoon using their mouth and balance the lemon while moving forward towards the finish line.

The kid who will come first shall be declared the winner.


This was the post on the best exercises for primary school students. I hope you have liked them and will implement in your classroom teaching.

If you liked these primary students growth mindset activities then do share it with your other fellow teachers and educators.

If you want to learn about more growth mindset activities then you can check my page: exercises for growth mindset.



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