11 best growth mindset activities for team building

growth mindset activities for team building

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Are you a group leader or manager struggling to build confidence and trust among your team? Is your team more inclined towards fixed mindset? Don’t worry.

In this article I have listed 11 best growth mindset activities for team building. These team building exercises will help your team to grow in confidence, trust, and strength among them.

So let’s start.

top Growth mindset activities for teams

We all know how important is growth mindset for an organization. Whether it is sports, corporate, government or any organization, a powerful actionable team is prerequisite.

As a team leader if your team will have an open mindset then they will be able to perform tasks more effectively.

Coordination and trust among the team members is also a important point to consider for growth mindset.

All the team building growth mindset exercises listed here will build confidence, sense of belonging to a team, and their thinking abilities.

You will see a great change among your team members after performing these exercises.

1. flying pen

First activity on the list is flying pen activity. This is a great activity which focuses on team coordination and trust building. For this activity a pen is tied in center to 5/6 strings.

5 or 6 members are then asked to write some words using this pen. For doing this activity members will have to first stretch the strings, balance the pen and then with hand coordination try to write the word.

This activity will help you to learn about the strength and weakness of your team.

2. shaping the rope

A great activity for developing problem solving and leadership skills among the team members. In this activity a long rope and 5 to 6 members are involved.

For this team building exercise, members are blindfolded using cotton cloth and are asked to make a shape out of the rope.

The team which will make the shape correctly will be the winner of the activity.

3. fish and fisherman

This activity helps in developing decision making and strategy building skills among the team members. In this activity 8 to 10 members forms a fish net by holding their hands together. The opposite team members becomes fish.

Now the former group of people have to catch latter members in their fishing net which are coming in and out from the net.

Team members will need to be attentive and fast while doing this exercise.

4. human knot

A fun activity which focuses on problem solving approach. In this activity each team member hand is attached to other team member hand in opposite manner. A circle will be formed.

Objective of the activity is to entangle themselves from the other team member without leaving the other persons hand.

This team building activity will develop solution oriented approach in the team.

5. bridge crossing

A very effective activity to develop quick decision making and time management. For this activity 5 or 6 members can take part.

In this exercise cardboard sheets are used as a bridge. Objective of the exercise is to use these cardboard sheets and cross the river.

Members can only put their legs on the sheet, if their legs touch the ground directly then they have to restart again.

A great growth mindset exercise for teamwork which requires full involvement from the team.

6. catch me if you can

An activity which requires very fast movement and attention from the group members. In this activity two teams are formed. Both teams stand across paper cups facing each other. In between the team members paper cups are placed on the floor.

Now one member will ask them to do some actions. Like touch hair, go down, and then suddenly will say “Catch”.

Team members will need to collect those paper cups. The team who will be able to catch more number of paper cups will be declared winner.

7. balloon tic tac toe

This is an advanced version of caterpillar race activity. In this activity two three members are involved. Each member has a balloon placed on their back.

Objective of the activity is to move towards the tic tac toe board without falling the balloon. The team who will fall the balloon will need to start again.

8. draw what your hear

A great activity for improving the hearing abilities of your team members. As it is clear from the activity name that it is a drawing activity. But is has a twist.

For doing this activity members will be blindfolded and given white paper sheets. Now they will be ask to draw on the paper. Instructions will be common for all.

A fun activity which will benefit their attention and hearing power.

9. minefield

This activity will require some open space to be done. Place some random objects across the floor. Divide the members into group of two.

From among those two members make one member blindfold. The other member will then have to guide him/her to go from one point to the other.

The Team which reaches other point without touching or stepping on the objects wins the game.

10. winner or loser

A very powerful activity for changing the mindset of your team members. In this activity you have to divide your team into two groups.

Ask a team member from one group to share a negative experience. Now ask a member from the other team to collect positive points from that negative experience.

In this way your team will learn how to easily convert a fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

11. Mission Recall

This is the last activity I want to share with you here. In this activity you have to ask your team members about the previous activities they have done.

You can ask them which activity they liked the most, which was the second activity, who was the winner of the rope activity, and other such questions.

This activity will help them in developing their recalling power.


This was the post on the best team building growth mindset activities. I hope you have liked these activities for team building and leadership.

If you liked these exercises then do share it with other team leaders.

Also, if you want to learn about more growth mindset activities then check this link :- Growth Mindset Exercises.



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