9 best growth mindset activities for the workplace

growth mindset activities for the workplace

A workplace is a place where you go to work. It can be your personal business, job or any part time work. To grow in any profession a proper growth mindset is very important.

In this post I have listed 9 best growth mindset activities for the workplace which you can use to grow yourself.

top growth mindset exercises for the workplace

Since we know how important is growth mindset in a workplace we should always try to improve it.

Sometimes the environment of the workshop/office becomes very stressful, negative thoughts start coming into the mind , and ultimately your productivity decreases.

Therefore to cope with these stressful situations and change the negative thinking into positive these activities for the workroom will be very beneficial.

Try them and see the difference yourself.

1. Set a goal

This is the first exercise that I shall recommend you. Setting a goal is very important for personal and professional development.

You can set a weekly, monthly or yearly goal. A goal will not only help you in building yourself professionally but also aids in increasing your overall productivity.

But keep in mind to set a realistic goal that is achievable. Don’t try to set unrealistic targets.

When you set a goal your attention then moves for fulfilling that target. That’s where you start thinking more about growth and development.

2. write your daily activities

This second activity is like kind of journal writing. You should try to write about all those activities that you did in the whole day. By writing your activities you will be able to see those areas where you can improve.

A great growth mindset activity for reflecting upon the work schedule.

This log book can help you in logging details effectively.

3. talk to yourself

This is a great activity for improving your mindset. When we talk to our self then our mind gives us two options: negative and positive.

From that chatter of the mind you have to filter the positive things and work according to it.

When you will start doing this activity you will see a great change in your attitude towards the negative things.

You can check this awesome book for powerful self-talk techniques.

4. make time for maths

Yes, that’s right. Solving math problems will have a very positive impact on your mindset.

Try to solve some math problems whenever you get time. It is researched that solving math problems positively affects your brain.

Your mind become more sharp, analytical and develops better problem solving skills. So why not try it.

5. daily selfie

In this age of technology and smartphones who doesn’t love taking selfies. Try this new age activity for improving your mindset.

For this workplace growth mindset exercise you just have to click a selfie everyday before going to office.

You can use these selfies to create a selfie wall of success which you can display at your home or in the office.

A great and new way to change the mindset.

6. note down ideas coming in the mind

In the whole day we come across various ideas which can help us to grow better or expand business. We forget those ideas as we never try write them anywhere.

You should not make this your habit. Make the habit of writing down your ideas whenever one strikes your mind.

If you will do this regularly you will see that you have a big list of innovative ideas which you can use in the workplace.

This notebook will be perfect your creative ideas.

7. take break

This is a very important exercise which we generally don’t give enough attention to. You should always take small breaks in between your work.

This simple exercise will not only help you relax but also give you the time to think in case you are working on a project.

So take small breaks during the working hours.

8. get a office desk plant

This is a very powerful growth mindset exercise for the working people. Planting a office desk plant has many benefits.

It will help in reducing your stress levels, increasing productivity and making environment around your work space more green and healthy.

Also when you will water your plant, you will see it growing everyday bit by bit. This simple positive change will have a great impact on your self-worth.

9. learn to filter

A very important exercise for all the working people. This activity will help in developing time management.

For this activity you have to take a paper and note down all the tasks you have to do in the day. From these tasks now filter which are most important tasks for the day and which are the least important tasks.

By doing this activity you will save a lot of your time and your productivity will increase.


This was the post on the best activities for workplace growth mindset. I hope you liked these simple yet powerful daily growth mindset activities for the office.

If you liked these office growth mindset exercises then do share it in your professional circle.

Also, you can check my post on growth mindset activities if you want to learn about more growth mindset activities. Here is the link to that: Mindset Activities.



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