85 best growth mindset affirmations for teens

growth mindset affirmations for teens

Teenage is a age of learning, joy and fun. But sometimes, do you feel that you are lacking confidence, self-belief issues and other such common problems? Do you want to bring some positive change in yourself?.

In this post we will look at 85 best growth mindset affirmations for teens. These teens positive affirmations will help you to bring a positive change in your overall personality.

Chose those teens affirmations which you feel fit for yourself. You only have to read these affirmations 2-4 minutes daily so that your subconscious mind shall accept these affirmations by heart and you are good to go. So let’s start.

top teenagers growth mindset affirmations

“I get better every day in every way.”

“I love myself deeply and completely.”

“I am open to all possibilities.”

“The future is good, and I look toward it with hope and happiness.”

“I compare myself only to my highest self.”

“I am confident about solving life’s problems successfully.”

“I press on because I believe in my path.”

“All my problems have solutions.”

“I am not trying to fit in, because I was born to stand out.”

“No one can make me feel inferior without my consent.”

“I am safe and sound, and all is well.”

“I surround myself with people who treat me well.”

“I am too big a gift to this world to feel self-pity.”

“I choose to fully participate in this existence.”

“I am smart and clever and am willing to learn when needed.”

“My future is mine to choose. I get to decide what is best for me.”

“My heart is open to all of the wisdom the world has to offer.”

“I make the most of my time and spend it doing the things I love with and with people who affirm me.”

“I know my values and why I hold them. I challenge myself to question my beliefs.”

“I am open and honest with my feelings. I can clearly express to others when I feel hurt.”

teens growth mindset affirmations

“I am a good and caring friend. I deserve friends that treat me with equal love and kindness.”

“Success is within my reach. I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”

“I am a unique gift to the world.”

“I may not have all the answers, and I am okay with that.”

“The love I have for myself is unconditional.”

“I won’t let obstacles stop me from going after what I want.”

“My heart is open and my ears are open to my heart.”

“I make choices that honor my body.”

““Normal” isn’t real. I am unique and that is beautiful.”

“I breathe in positivity and exhale negative thinking.”

“My self-confidence inspires others.”

“New ideas flow through me. My creativity is ablaze.”

“I am healthy and am growing up well.”

“I am a great listener.”

“I forgive myself for making a mistake.”

“I respect other people.”

“I have a beautiful imagination.”

“I love my family and friends.”

“Wonderful and awesome things happen to me.”

“I can become whatever I want to be.”

positive affirmations for teenage guys

“I stand for what is right.”

“My thoughts matter.”

“I will stop and think before reacting.”

“I make good choices about what I put into my body.”

“I choose to have positive people around me.”

“I am braver than I believe, stronger than I seem and smarter than I think.”

“I love the person I am becoming.”

“I have gifts and talents specific to me that I will utilize in my life.”

“I will not make excuses. I will take action to do what I am responsible for doing.”

“I release anger so I can think and act calmly.”

“All the wonders I see are within me!”

“Help is available when I need it. I will ask and receive it when needed.”

“I am the architect of my life. My studies and habits are laying a strong foundation to build on.”

“I have clarity of thoughts.”

“I take pleasure in being kind.”

positive affirmations for teen girls

“I deserve to have good things happen to me.”

“I do not have to follow the crowd to fit in.”

“I deserve to have friends that treat me well.”

“It is okay if I have a bad day. There are better days ahead.”

“I am capable of making good choices even when it is the unpopular choice among my friends.”

“Life is not always easy but the challenges make me stronger.”

“I am a beautiful girl just the way I am.”

“I make choices that honor my body.”

“I was given this life for a reason.”

“I look forward to what my life holds ahead of me!”

“I do not let my fears hold me back.”

“I embrace my power.”

“I give up the habit of criticizing myself.”

“Today I will learn and grow.”

“I prioritize myself.”

daily affirmations for teens

“I am loved and matter to many people.”

“I will appreciate and be kind to myself as I would a friend.”

“I can choose to be happy right where I am, even if I desire more in the future.”

“I am grateful for the family, friends and mentors that do believe in me.”

“I am blessed to have had many opportunities in life.”

“Today I choose to think positive.”

“Today I choose to be confident.”

“Today I will walk through my fears.”

“Today is going to be an awesome day.”

“Today is going to be my day.”

“Wonderful things are going to happen to me.”

“I give myself permission to make mistakes.”

“Today I am going to shine.”

“Today I will spread positivity.”

“I am calm and relaxed.”


This was the post on the best affirmations on growth mindset for teens. I hope you liked these teen affirmations. If you liked these transformative affirmations for teens then do share it with your friends.

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