7 best growth mindset examples for employees

growth mindset examples for employees

Are you an employee working for an organization and looking for growth mindset examples for employees? than you have come to the right place.

In this post I have listed down 7 best mindset examples for the workplace. I have listed down these mindset examples keeping in mind the situations which a employee face while in office. You will feel related to each situation. So let’s look at them one by one.

1. when there is lack of communication.

Fixed Mindset: They can’t understand me. This is not going to work.

Growth Mindset: Although there are some issues related to communication but I can work on it.

This example is for those situations in which you feel that there is not enough communication between you and other team members.

2. while dealing with change in office.

Fixed Mindset: I can’t change for anyone.

Growth Mindset: Change is progress. I must adapt to changing times.

A person who is not changing is not growing. This example is perfect for demonstrating growth mindset when such situations come.

3. difficult clients.

Fixed Mindset: This client is difficult to crack. I don’t want to work with them.

Growth Mindset: Maybe my approach is not right. I must change it this time.

Not all clients are friendly. In your career you will encounter many such clients which are hard to crack. You can use growth mindset in such situations to lighten the situation.

4. performance issues.

Fixed Mindset: I am not good for this job.

Growth Mindset: Everyone faces performance issues at work. You just have to look after them and improve.

Many times due to work fatigue or problem you may feel your performance going down. But it’s not good to feel bad situations. This growth mindset example for performance is great.

5. little recognition for work.

Fixed Mindset: No one gives proper weight to my work.

Growth Mindset: Even they are not appreciating my hard work but I must keep doing my work.

We all love getting appreciated for our hard work but many times we are not given enough credit for of work. This is especially true for an employee.

6. someone giving negative feedback to boss.

Fixed Mindset: How bad is that person.

Growth Mindset: Some people have negative mentality. I don’t need to bother from their actions.

Who doesn’t know about office politics. No office is called office if it is without office politics. Many gave up on this behavior. But using growth mindset we can solve the issue.

7. no potential growth.

Fixed Mindset: There is nothing good in this company.

Growth Mindset: Although I can’t learn much new in this company I must keep learning new skills from other sources.

In many organizations your work may become stagnant with nothing new to learn. You can use this opportunity to learn new skills outside to improve.


So this was the post on the mindset examples for employees. If you face such situations at the workplace than you can get help from these examples.

I hope you liked this post. If you liked this post than do share it with other colleagues.

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