7 best growth mindset examples for students

growth mindset examples for students

Are you a student somewhere and looking for growth mindset examples for students? than your search end here.

In this post I have listed down the best growth mindset vs fixed mindset examples for students.

There are various examples where a student can use growth mindset to. In this post I have listed down those examples which a student encounter most as a student.

So let’s look at them one by one.

1. while going to school/college

Fixed Mindset: I don’t want to go to school today.

Growth Mindset: It will be fun to go today. I will learn something new.

Many times students refuse going to their academic institutions. A student can use this situation to build discipline in their student life.

2. while taking part in extra-curricular activities.

Fixed Mindset: There is no use of doing extra-curricular activities.

Growth Mindset: Extra-curricular activities are important for my learning. I must take part in them.

Many students shy away from taking part in extra-curriculars. You can use this growth mindset example for being part of the team.

3. before a test

Fixed Mindset: I will fail in this test. My preparation is not complete.

Growth Mindset: Although my preparation is not full till yet still I will go and take the test.

Who doesn’t fear from tests. But that fear can be minimized if we use the right mindset. This mindset example is best for this.

4. on not being good at a subject

Fixed Mindset: I am not a good student.

Growth Mindset: Not understanding a subject doesn’t make me a bad student. I can work hard to improve the understanding of the subject.

Everyone is imperfect. No one knows everything. This example will help you to learn about this.

5. on getting less marks

Fixed Mindset: I failed my expectations.

Growth Mindset: Although I have got less marks this time, next time I will work more on my weaknesses.

Failures are part of life. You as a student can learn so much from failures that will also benefit in your professional life.

6. on spending time with other students

Fixed Mindset: Only those students who don’t study spend time talking and interacting with other students.

Growth Mindset: It is very important to be out with friends.

Being social is very important for a growth mindset person. That’s why I have included this example here.

7. when teacher scolds

Fixed Mindset: I hate this teacher.

Growth Mindset: I must try to understand why my teacher scolded me. May be I am doing something wrong.

Many students get angry on getting feedback from teachers. But it is the opportunity in disguise to improve.


So this was the post on the best mindset examples for students. I have used the best fixed and growth mindset examples for students to understand the situations. I hope you got the point using these examples.

All these examples are derived from real life situations which a student encounter. Feel free to improvise them for your use. If you liked this post than you can share it with other students too.

Also if you want to read more growth mindset examples than you can check my article: fixed mindset vs growth mindset examples.



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