6 best growth mindset examples for teachers

growth mindset examples for teachers

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Are you a teacher teaching in a school or college and came here looking for growth mindset examples for teachers? than you are at the right place.

In this post I have listed down the best examples you can use as a teacher. These growth mindset examples will help you in changing your mindset for becoming a better teacher. So let’s look at them one by one.

1. when a teacher has to take several classes in a day.

Fixed Mindset: I am not going to take the classes. It is too much for me.

Growth Mindset: These students have come to learn from me. Not teaching them will adversely impact them.

Many times it happens that as a teacher you may have faced this situation. For dealing in such situations you can use this example.

2. when a teacher has to teach an important concept.

Fixed Mindset: What if I will not be able to deliver the concept properly to students?

Growth Mindset: I know the concept. The class will go fine.

Although all concepts are important but some concepts are more important than others. New teachers mostly face this situation.

3. when there is a parents teacher meeting.

Fixed Mindset: What are parents going to say me about their kids?

Growth Mindset: I am ready to take feedback from students parents.

Dealing with parents is not an easy task. Some parents are cooperative whereas others may not be.

4. When students give feedback to teachers?

Fixed Mindset: How dare they(students) can give feedback to me.

Growth Mindset: It’s good to know the viewpoint of my students. This help me to grow.

Many teachers ego got hurt when their student give them feedback. But it is not the right mindset to feel hurt.

You can check out these growth mindset feedback examples for more information.

5. sharing some light time with students.

Fixed Mindset: I can’t crack jokes with my students.

Growth Mindset: Having fun time with students is very important. It will help us to build a bond.

It is very important to share some light and fun times with students to develop mutual bonding and trust. This example shows how a fixed mindset teacher will behave in this situation and vice-versa.

6. when you are far away from your teaching goal.

Fixed Mindset: I don’t think I will be able to complete the course curriculum on time.

Growth Mindset: Although I have got less time now but I can take extra classes to cover my subject.

When a teacher is running behind his/her course completion schedule this example can be used to assess the situation.


So this was the post on mindset examples for teachers. If you are a teacher than I am sure you may have got valuable insights from this post.

You can use these examples to develop growth mindset in your teaching style. I hope you liked this post.

If you liked this post than do share thee examples with your other colleagues.



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