6 best growth mindset examples in business

growth mindset examples in business

Are you a business owner looking for growth mindset examples in business to use and implement? than you have come to the right place.

In this post I have listed down best examples for a business mindset. You will feel related to these examples in business. So let’s look at them one by one.

1. when your business is not working right

Fixed Mindset: This is not working. I will not work.

Growth Mindset: I need to look why my business is not working. I must check what I am doing wrong. I can’t fail.

The worst situation a business owner doesn’t want to encounter is about business not going in the right direction of goal. That can be a nightmare for many business owners. This example perfectly describes how you can stay calm during such harsh situations.

2. when customers are going away

Fixed Mindset: These customers doesn’t know a pinch about my product. Let them go.

Growth Mindset: I must look into the reasons why customers are going to another shop. I must look at my products and improve.

Many times it happens that your loyal customers start cutting off from you. This for a business owner is not the right thing. This example for business growth mindset can be used to react in such situations.

3. while recruiting staff

Fixed Mindset: Recruiting staff means giving away my profits to them.

Growth Mindset: If my budget is approving than I must recruit more people. It will help me expand my business.

For expanding a business we all know how important is the recruitment of new people. But many business owners shy away from recruiting new talent. This is not right strategy for doing business. You need to be open if you need to build your business.

4. embracing new technologies

Fixed Mindset: I don’t know how to run this software. I will not use it then.

Growth Mindset: This technology can help me in saving my time and money. I must use it in my business.

In this age of technology the one thing that can make you stay ahead from your competition is the use of technology. Many business owners still doesn’t want to adapt to newer technologies. This example is perfect to know the importance of technology in business.

5. if business is going in loss

Fixed Mindset: I don’t think I will ever recover from losses. The best way to solve the problem is shutting down the business.

Growth Mindset: I acknowledge that profit and loss are both part of the business. Therefore, I should look at my accounts and check where I can cut budget and recover from losses.

Nothing is permanent in life. So does in business. You may be facing losses sometimes whereas other times you are in profit. To keep calm in such situations is very important for the running of business.

6. new competitor in the market

Fixed Mindset: This is going to increase competition for me.

Growth Mindset: It is good to have competition. In this way I can work to improve my products and grow.

Markets are related to economy. To run economy markets and business owners are important. So when a new business comes to the market many current businesses starts panicking. This example will help in such type of mindset.


So this was my post on examples of growth mindset in business. I have enlisted all those circumstances which a business owner usually encounter when running a business. So may have felt related with each example.

I hope you liked these examples. You can share this post to others if you liked the examples.

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