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The topic of growth mindset is buzzing the internet. Everyone wants to know about growth mindset. If you are here then it means you have a interest in growth mindset.

Are you someone who is interested in knowing facts about having a growth mindset? Then this page is for you.

On this page, I have listed 9 mind blowing growth mindset facts which will fascinate you and help in building the belief in growth mindset theory.

Top interesting facts about mindset

Fact is something that is true, If it is not true than it is not a fact. For this post I have deep dived into various research papers and articles for finding the most accurate and correct growth mindset scientific facts.

All those facts listed on this page are proved by various researchers. If I tell you about me I was astonished after reading about these growth mindset facts. These facts encouraged me to learn more about mindset.

So let’s look at them.

1. Growth mindset promotes happiness

The first fact I have listed is that having a growth mindset promotes happiness. In a research it is found that growth mindset has a positive correlation with self-esteem and happiness.


2. Rewarding aids growth mindset

Incentivising someone aids growth mindset. This was proved in a research study conducted on Indian students. The study was done on the motivational model of achievement.

In the study it was found that growth mindset facilitate performance through persistence when the incentive system imparted individuals with a sense of autonomy.


3. Growth mindset improves achievement

Having a growth mindset improve achievement abilities of a person. This growth mindset fact was proved in a research done on secondary school students of United States.

A short(less than a hour) growth mindset intervention improved graded among lower-achieving students and increased overall enrollment to advanced mathematics courses.

The intervention helped change grades when peer norms aligned with the messages of the intervention.


4. Teaching neuroplasticity has a positive effect

This is one of the best growth mindset brain facts. Teaching about neuroplasticity has a very good effect on the mind of students and adults.

This was a study done on participants in the age group of 7 years to adulthood. After the study it was concluded that teaching neuroplasticity has an overall positive effect on motivation, achievement, and brain activity.

So if you want to grow your mindset then get to know about neuroplasticity.


5. Promote entrepreneurship self-efficacy

Having a growth mindset can promote entrepreneurship self-efficacy among students. This growth mindset fact is based on the study done on undergraduate students.

In the research Students in the growth mindset intervention reported greater entrepreneurial self-efficacy and task persistence on their main class project. The intervention also indirectly improved academic and career interest via entrepreneurial self-efficacy.


6. Improves math

Growth mindset is very helpful for math students. If you are week in math or fear math problems then this math growth mindset fact is eye opener for you.

Growth mindset intervention among students can positively effect math anxiety. This research was done in second grade classes at an economically disadvantaged school in rural North Texas.

The result of the research show that mathematical growth mindset and math talks to a classroom would improve the mathematical self-concept of the children.


7. Improves motivation in special education students

Positive growth mindset intervention can improve self-efficacy and motivation among adolescent special education students.

This study was done by Western Connecticut State University. The research was done on middle school students in grades sixth, seventh, and eighth. Results suggested that a growth mindset intervention had a significant difference in motivation of adolescent special education students.


8. Growth mindset can reduce self-doubt thinking

Growth mindset can reduce the self-doubt thinking in individuals. If you self-doubt yourself then it is time to learn about growth mindset.

In a study done on American students it is found that American participants, growth mindset moderated the effects of self-doubt on both numerical and visual reasoning performance. For American participants with strong growth mindset, self-doubt was positively correlated with performance.


9. Hope and self-directing learning in workforce

Growth mindset can influence self-directed learning among the workers. In this age of knowledge based society, self- learning is very important.

A research was done to check the effect of growth mindset and grit on hope and self-directing learning. Research was conducted in 32 workplaces across South Korea.

In the result it was found that there is positively significant correlations among hope, growth mindset, grit, self-directed learning. Also, as a result of SEM, hope showed direct impact on self-directed learning.


10. Stress can affect growth mindset

In a major study it is found that having stress can negatively affect the growth mindset. In a study done on middle school students it is observed that there is a negative correlation between stress and mindset.


more facts about growth mindset

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So this was the post on the facts about mindset. I have tried my best to bring to you the best facts and information about growth mindset. I hope you liked these interesting facts about thoughts.

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