7 best growth mindset questions for college students

growth mindset questions for college students

Are you studying in a college somewhere and looking for growth mindset questions for college students? than your search ends here.

In this post I have listed down best mindset questions for college goers. So let’s start.

1. Am I ready for college today?

The first question which is also a very important one is to ask yourself that am I ready for today’s college or not?

This question is very important in the sense that it will help you to check about your mood and attitude towards the day for college. If your mood will be negative than you can analyze the situation and can work upon it.

2. Did i made any mistake today in the college?

The second question for college students mindset is about making mistakes. You as a college student can ask yourself that have you made any mistakes today? does something went wrong in the college?

This question will help you to reflect upon what went wrong and what changes you can make to not make the mistake again.

3. does teacher gave me feedback today?

For a college student it is very important to pay attention towards their teacher’s feedback. These feedback helps in improving those areas where teacher thinks the student need some changes to make.

So after your college is over you can ask this question about teacher’s feedback and can than think upon it to work for you.

4. Did i felt stucked somewhere today?

In college students life many situation arise where they feel stuck. They didn’t know what to do in those type of situations. So for learning the art of coping in hard situations, you can use this question.

Using this question you will get to know about the situation and answers on how you could have tackled the situation better. Although this may not help in the current situation but can be used as a experience for other such tough days.

5. was i angry, fearful, low today?

You can use this question to learn about those situations in which you felt angry, low or sense of fear. This question will help you to work upon your weak psychological areas if you have.

So a good question that can have a great impact on your behavior in the college and outside.

6. did i learn’t something new today?

A person who is not learning new things in not growing. So to prevent yourself from being that kind of person it is important to keep learning.

This question will help you in this. With this question you will be able to know what you learn’t new today. If you find “nothing” as your answer than it’s time to work on it and learn something.

7. did i helped anyone today?

Those who help others are known to have a growth mindset. Helping others give a sense of inner satisfaction and happiness. Therefore if you too want to develop a growth mindset than start helping people nearby you.

This question will work as a reminder which once asked will give you the right answer. If yes is the answer than good and if no than go find someone seeking help!


So this was the post on questions for college students growth mindset. If you are a college student than I am sure these questions will really help you.

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