29 best growth mindset questions for employees

growth mindset questions for employees

Are you a manager or owner of a business looking for growth mindset questions for employees? or are you yourself a employee employed somewhere looking for growth mindset questions? than you have come to the right place.

In this post I have listed down best growth mindset questions for staff and workers which can be used to develop the mindset. So let’s start.

  1. Have you enrolled for learning a new skill?
  2. Were you courteous today with your fellow staff members?
  3. Have you helped anyone today in the office?
  4. Did you made a mistake today in the office?
  5. What challenges did you faced today while working?
  6. Did you spent some time listening to other’s feedback?
  7. Why I was not up to the mark today?
  8. Which skills can help me improve?
  9. Does anyone gave me a negative feedback today and how I deal’t with it?
  10. Does you gave honest opinion when asked?
  11. Did you tried to make the office environment positive today?
  12. Why I felt failing in the task today?
  13. Why my coworker was unhappy with my attitude today?
  14. Anything which I can do to improve my learning?
  15. Why I was afraid in asking questions to my senior today?

7 growth mindset questions for interviews

  1. Do you read books?
  2. What changes do you think you can make to improve for this job?
  3. Do you believe in constructive criticism? Have you received it sometimes?
  4. Do you feel inclined towards learning more skills for growth and development?
  5. What methods you use for overcoming setbacks?
  6. What you think was your biggest failure till today?
  7. What is your vision of growth in the company?

7 growth mindset behavioral questions

  1. Explain with example how you approach a problem?
  2. What you do when you disagree with your team members?
  3. How you resolve a conflict among your co-workers?
  4. How will you behave if you are stuck somewhere in the assigned task?
  5. What is your attitude towards taking risky tasks?
  6. If a coworker will blame you for a failed task, how will you react?
  7. What improvements do you consider important for a good behavior in a team?


So this was the post on questions for employees growth mindset. I have tried to include the best questions which have a great effect on mindset.

I hope you liked this post and its content. If you liked this post than do share it with fellow team mates.

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