10 best growth mindset questions for high school students

growth mindset questions for high school students

Are you a high school teacher or a high school student itself looking for growth mindset questions for high school students? than you have come to the right place.

In this post I have listed down 10 best growth mindset high school students questions you can ask yourself or give to your students to develop a growth mindset. So let’s start.

1. did you worked hard today?

Students can ask this question to after the school is over. They can evaluate their work by introspecting what they worked upon and was it up to their belief.

2. were you able to get the lesson well?

This question will help students to check whether they learned the lesson well as explained by the teacher or they need more time to get the gist of the lesson. For this they can ask the teacher to explain it one more time.

3. was something happened in the classroom that made you feel like a failure?

Students see failure as the end. To check whether they thing something they consider as a failure is right or wrong this question is perfect. After they found what is failure for them they can ask them is it true or just in their mind?

4. why were you afraid of that topic today?

Students can ask this question to themselves and can check which topics they feel afraid of. After that they can evaluate why they are afraid of the said topic and how they can overcome the fear.

5. What you did when you faced a challenge today?

High school students can use this question to check there behavior towards challenges. They can think of a situation which they think was challenging for them in the classroom and can work on it to improve.

6. what mistakes you made today in the classroom?

Students from high school can ask this question about mistakes. Through this question they will be able to learn about their shortcoming and find areas where they needs to correct those mistakes.

7. how was your behavior towards other students of the classroom today?

With the use of this growth mindset question, a high school student can learn about its mood and behavior. Using this question student can shift to a positive behavior towards other students if it was negative before.

8. did you helped someone in the class today?

Student can ask this question to self to check whether he/she helped someone or hesitated from helping. This question can help students to learn why they helped or not helped a fellow class student. A good question to develop helping attitude among school childrens.

9. Teacher gave you a feedback. How you take it?

This question will help students to introspect feedback and work on the feedback given by their subject teachers. Through this feedback they can improve on the points reflected by the teacher.

10. how will you rate your overall day in school and why?

This question will help the students to rate their overall performance during school day, what went wrong , and let them find improvements they can make on the next day of the school.


So this was the post on growth mindset questions for high school students. I have listed best questions through which a high school student can evaluate his/her mistakes, behavior, and fears in the classroom. This will help students to develop their mindset.

I hope you liked these high school students growth mindset questions. If you liked these mindset questions for high school than do share them with other fellow students.

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