7 best growth mindset questions for kids

growth mindset questions for kids

Are you in the age group of a kid(5-13 years) or a parent of a kid looking for growth mindset questions for kids? than you have come to the right place.

In this post I have listed down the 7 best questions for a kids growth mindset. Using these questions you will be able to grow your mindset fast. So let’s start the post.

1. list 5 things that makes you special?

It is often seen that kids are disheartened by the acts of other kids. They start feeling that they have no special skill. To make them know their worth you can use this question.

If you are a kid than ask yourself this question about what are the qualities in you that makes you special.

Knowing about the abilities of one is the first step towards a growth mindset.

2. have you tried something today that made you think hard?

Developing growth mindset is about going beyond one’s limit and work hard. Hard work to learn skills develop mindset.

You can use this question to assess whether you tried something today that made you think hard.

3. any new games you played today?

Having fun is important for kids. Playing various types of games aids growth mindset development in a kid. To check your kid played a new game today and what he/she learnt from the game this question is best.

4. do I shared something with my friends today?

Sharing is caring and when it come’s to mindset than it becomes more important. Sharing helps in creating strong bonds among kids. A kid can ask this question to them about what they shared with their friends today.

Do they like sharing their books, lunch, etc. with their friends or stay away from it. This question will help in self-reflection about helping others.

5. which new activity i learned today?

Kids age is about learning. A kid who is learning something is growing his/her mindset.

This question about activities is best to check what they are learning new in their life.

6. Do you had an argument with your friend today?

Kids often start a fight with their friends for petty reasons. In their childish thinking they do this. To check their attitude and behavior this question about argument with friends is great.

7. what you want to be better at?

This kid growth mindset question will help in developing the art of introspection among kids from a early age.

You as a kid’s parent or a kid can ask this question to them. This question will highly benefit in developing their thinking capabilities and learning new skills.


So this was the post on the best mindset questions for kids. I have included the best growth questions a kid can use for their benefit.

I hope you liked this post. If you liked this post than do share it with others.

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