7 best growth mindset questions for leaders

growth mindset questions for leaders

Are you a leader of a team or leads an organization looking for growth mindset questions for leaders? than you have come to the right place.

In this post I have listed down the 7 best leadership mindset questions for you. So let’s read them all.

1. What are the challenges i faced today?

The first growth mindset question for a leader is about challenges. A leader has to face lot’s of challenges everyday. So the best way to learn from those challenges is by asking this challenge question.

Using this question you will be able to better understand your work.

2. do i felt failed somewhere during the day?

Leaders are known for winning but sometimes it happens that they may feel failed in a task. But failures are the gateway to improve and learn.

To learn from that failure this will be the best question to ask as a leader.

3. was my attitude cordial towards others today?

Due to work pressure it may happen that you may feel anxious and negative. But being a leader this will not be good for you. Therefore to check your behavior and improve it you can take the help of this question.

4. what was the most important thing i did today?

As a leader you might be doing numerous things throughout the day. But have you took some time to reflect which was the most important task that you performed today? if you don’t know than this question is very much helpful for you.

5. do xYZ task could have been done in a better way?

There are many tasks which go off under-performed due to busy work schedule or some other reasons(lack of interest).

But being a leader you can’t do this. You lead others by your work. Therefore to evaluate where you can improve to do better this question is quite good.

6. were my emotions in control today?

A great question to keep a check on your emotions and feelings. A leader has to go through lot of work. Sometimes he/she may feel happy, sometimes angry or any emotions can come during the whole working day.

To keep self emotionally balanced this growth mindset question on emotions is highly recommended for leaders.

7. what better can i do tomorrow?

A top leader is one who has a plan of action with them. If a leader is not having a plan than he/she is lagging behind of his/her competitors. Therefore for having a good leadership growth making right plans for work is essential.

This question about plan is best to maintain a plan, helps in time management, and schedule your upcoming work in right, disciplined manner.


So this was the post on leadership growth mindset questions. I have created these questions keeping the work nature of a leader in mind. I hope you liked these questions.

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