9 best growth mindset questions for managers

growth mindset questions for managers

Are you a manager of a company or managing your own business and came here looking for growth mindset questions for managers? than this is the right place for you.

In this post I have listed down well curated 9 best questions for managers growth mindset. Using these questions will help in development of mindset. So let’s start.

1. Am I ready for today’s management?

The first question you should ask yourself is before going to your workplace. In fact it is a very important question which can have a great impact on your overall performance during the day.

As a manager the first question to ask is How is my mood for office today? Am I feeling positive? Why I am feeling little lazy? ,etc.

This question will help you to look after your mood and in developing a positive outlook towards self.

2. what projects shall i gave priority first?

For a manager there are several projects which are assigned to them. It is the duty of manager to make them complete on time. So for a effective time management for completing the projects you can ask this question.

In this way you will get to know which projects can be completed earlier or about those projects which can take time to complete. This will help to plan better.

3. How you imagine your day to go today?

This is kind of a manifestation for work using growth mindset question. You can imagine your whole day before going in person to the office.

This question will help to keep your mindset in a positive side if you can imagine properly.

4. what are my expectations from my team mates today?

A manager can’t do anything if he/she doesn’t have a team. So it is very important for a manager to understand what he/she want from the team.

You can use this question to check what you want from your team. But keep in mind that you should set realistic expectations from your team. Else, you will feel disappointed and frustrated.

5. How well i communicated with my team today?

This is a very important question to ask self for developing a good manager and team relations. If you have a good communication with the team members than you will be able to get the work done in less time and much more effeciently.

So use this question to introspect about your communication and improvements.

6. How i behaved with my team today?

Another important question for managers. For a positive work environment having good behavior with others is must. So for checking this aspect of your’s you can ask this question and reflect what went wrong if it was not correct.

7. Did I did any mistakes today?

You should ask this question if you want to develop professionally and personally. Mistakes are part of life and if we are ignoring them than we are making a big blunder.

So to grow ask this question about mistakes you did during the day and what changes you can make to not repeat them in the future.

8. why was i afraid of that task today?

Many times it is seen that we shy away from doing certain things. But being a manager of a organization you can’t go away from it. So the best way to tackle such situations is to ask yourself why you felt afraid from doing that task? why you didn’t do it with full motivation?

If you will reflect on this question than I am sure that you will lose your fear and will be able to complete such tasks.

9. what improvements can i make for tomorrow?

For a manager having a proper plan for a task is very important. So sharpen your plan you can take the help of this question and can check which part of the task needs more attention.

A great question for developing a balanced and time bound strategy.


So this was the post about growth mindset questions for managers. I have tried to provide you the best questions you can ask yourself for developing the mindset. I hope you liked these questions.

If you liked these questions than do share them with your other manager friends.

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