7 best growth mindset questions for middle school students

growth mindset questions for middle school students

Do you came here looking about growth mindset questions for middle school students? than you have come to the right place.

If you are a middle schooler than in this post I have listed the 7 best mindset questions for middle school students. These questions will help you in developing and expanding your mindset. So let’s look at them one by one.

1. do you felt afraid of anything in the class today?

The first question a middle school student can ask to self is whether they felt aftraid of anything in the classroom.

Fear can be of anything like a lesson, homework not done or any similar circumstance. The idea is to check why they feared that situation and how they cam work on it.

2. does teacher gave you any feedback today?

Students can ask this question to check what type of feedback they received from their course teachers. They can than evaluate the feedback and can make necessary changes to develop the mindset.

3. Why you were unhappy with your friend?

In schools it is common among students and their friends to feel unhappy for certain reasons. As a high school student, you can use this situation for you favor and can ask yourself why you were unhappy with him/her.

You may get to know whether your behavior was incorrect or your friend was not treating you well.

A great growth mindset question to learn about people’s behavior.

4. Does you get what was Tought in the class today?

It is very important for any student to clearly learn what was tought in the classroom. You can ask yourself this question that do you get the gist of the lesson or you need further explanation on the lesson.

5. Why you didn’t took part in the extra-curricular activity today?

Extracurricular activities are very important for the development of the school students. If you are shy of these extra-curricular activities and don’t like taking part in them, than you can ask this question to yourself about why you don’t like them and how I can change myself to take part in those activities.

6. was there anything which you felt ashamed of today?

As a middle school student it is very common that students feel ashamed of doing in the classroom. The best way to check whether it is truly something which you feel ashamed of or it is just a thing build up in your mind is by asking question about the situation in which you feel ashamed.

In this way you will get the clear answer and will help in the development of the mindset.

7. does your day went well in the school today?

Last but not the least growth mindset question you as a middle school student can ask yourself is how was your overall day in the school? Did you enjoyed your lectures? Which friends annoyed you and what improvement I can make in my behavior for a good day tomorrow.

This question will help you to reflect on your shortcomings, your behavior and overall attitude in the class.


So this was the post on the best growth mindset questions for middle school students. If you are in your middle school, than these questions may help you to become better.

I hope you liked these middle school growth mindset questions. If you liked them than do share them with your friends.

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