7 best growth mindset questions for parents

growth mindset questions for parents

Are you a parent of a kid and looking for growth mindset questions for parents? than you have come to the right place.

In this post I have listed down 7 best parents growth mindset questions that you can ask yourself as a parent of a child. So let’s look at them.

1. how i responded when the child was stuck in something?

The first question you shall ask yourself is how you respond when your child feel frustrated with something. Try to recall how you react in the situation.

If you are allowing your child to struggle little with the task and not jumping straight seeing child’s frustration than you are keeping a balance with your and child’s mindset.

2. how was my behavior towards my kids today?

Sometimes as a parent it happens that we feel low and down. Out of frustration we got angry on our kids and try to act negative. It may have a wrong impression on the child.

So to tackle such situations the best way is to ask such behavioral questions that can help you to reflect and change your behavior.

3. how i reacted when i found a task tough today?

Being a parent sometimes we are faced with challenges that are too tough in nature. But we cannot show that in front of the kid.

So to prepare for such hard situations this question will be perfect. You can use this question to know about your attitude and behavior in such tough tasks. You can then manage the future tough situation with the help of this question.

4. how i praised my kid today?

This is a very important question which will help you to change your and your’s kid mindset. This single question has the power to transform the mindset.

Out of love we praise our child in wrong ways unintentionally. Instead of praising their hard work we praise their smartness. This is wrong and have a bad effect on mindset.

So ask this question how you are praising your kid. If you are praising them for being smart and not their hard work than you need to change that asap.

5. did i helped my child learn something new today?

Helping a child to learn is the best way for developing their and your’s self mindset. While teaching them new things we too learn with them.

So make this habit to ask yourself what you thought your kid today? if you will do this regularly than you will find a big change in both of your mindsets.

6. did i took some time off for myself today?

A parent is always involved in doing the tasks for his/her kid. From their cleaning, bathing, eating, school, etc. we help them in all. In all of this we forget ourself.

But to be a good parent it is also important that we should take proper care of our body. So ask this question daily if you are taking care of self or not?

If the answer is negative than it’s time to change that and do something for self too.

7. was i positive for my day today?

Last but not the least question you can ask yourself is to know about your overall attitude for the day. Try to reflect using this question to check what was your mindset in the day.

You can use this question to make sure that your mindset remains more inclined towards positive side of thinking. If your thinking will be correct than your life will be more happier. This question will also help to increase self-belief.


So this was the post on the top mindset questions for parents. I have tried to include the best possible questions. I hope you liked these questions.

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