7 best growth mindset questions for teachers

growth mindset questions for teachers

Are you a teacher/educator somewhere looking for growth mindset questions for teachers? than you have come to the right place.

In this post I have listed down 7 best teacher mindset questions you can ask yourself before or after the class. These questions will help you in developing a growth mindset. So let’s start.

1. am i positive for today’s teaching session?

The first growth mindset question that you can ask to you is before going in the class. Before staring you teaching session you can ask yourself whether your mood is in positive state for teaching the students or not.

After your question you can check if you need some improvement.

2. do I have all the necessary notes for teaching?

Sometimes it is important to take some notes in the classroom for teaching a lesson. But in hurry sometimes it is left either at home or in the staff room. So before going into the classroom ask yourself this question that have you brought all the notes that you need today for the class?

This simple question can help you to save your time in case you missed the notes.

3. How was my behavior towards students in the class today?

A great question for developing good teacher-student relationship. You can ask this question after your class is over. Using this question you can reflect whether you were angry, positive or negative towards your students.

This will help you to change your behavior in a positive manner towards students.

4. Did I was able to teach well in the classroom today?

This is a very important question for a teacher to be asked. This single question will help you in the growth of your career.

After your teaching session is over you can ask this question that was you tought your subject well to the students? were they able to get your point?

If you felt that there were some shortcomings in your teaching today than this question will help you improve the next day.

5. Any situation today that you feel was not good?

During school time a teacher has to undertake so many tasks. From teaching to supervising there is lot of work for the teacher in the school. Many good and bad situations arise during the whole day.

So for developing strategies to tackle such situations you can ask this question to self and can try to inspect each situation. This question will ultimately help you to develop coping strategies for tough situations during school time.

6. How well you behaved with your fellow staff members?

A great growth mindset question for developing social skills in teachers. Many times due to work pressure we feel distant from our team members. This question will help you to tackle this situation.

As a teacher you can ask this question to yourself that how was your behavior towards other staff members today? was it cordial or not friendly? Try this and see the change in your attitude.

7. are you satisfied with your teaching today?

For a teacher what can be more satisfying than having a sense of accomplishment for his job. As a teacher you can ask yourself this question after your work time and try to get the answer.

If you get the answer in negative than it is the time to improve.


So this was the post on the best growth mindset questions for teachers and educators. I hope you liked these questions.

If you liked this content than do share it with other teachers.

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