7 best growth mindset questions for teams

growth mindset questions for teams

Do you work somewhere in a team and looking for growth mindset questions for teams that can help your team to grow? than you have come to the right place.

In this post I have listed down the 7 best team mindset questions that will be helpful for teams. So let’s read them all.

1. who do you admire most?

The first growth mindset question that team members can ask is about who they admire? Who is the person they want to be like.

Using this question they will be able to learn about the good qualities and attitude of that person and can use them for their personal growth.

2. If you be given 1 million dollars what will you do with that?

This question will help the team members to learn about budgeting and money management.

We all know how important in money management in every sphere of life. So with the help of this question the team members can imagine the things they will do with the money, how much will they save, etc.

3. what one change you want to do in the team?

This question will help team members to build trust and good relationship among them. Teams can ask this question and can write the answers on papers to know about the views of other team members and what amendments they want in the team.

4. what is your biggest addiction?

We all know how bad are addictions? they can hamper the growth of a person and eventually of the team.

So to work on the addictions this question can be asked and team members can then work upon it.

5. what one skill do you want to learn in the next 24 hours?

Learning new skills is very important for the growth of the team and individual. So the team members can ask this question to know which skills they are going to learn in the next 24 hours.

A great question to remain updated about new skills.

6. if you had an extra hour each day, how will you spend it?

A great question to develop the thinking part in the team members. Using this question the team members can work on their hobbies that they want to pursue.

7. how has xYZ event impacted you?

While working in teams it happens that the person may be faced with tough situations. To cope with such situations it essential to learn about that situation first.

This growth mindset question is best for understanding such events. By questioning in such a way the team members can reflect upon how they reacted in such situations and what improvements can be made in the future.


So this was the post on the best growth mindset questions for teams. I have tried to list the best mindset questions for you and your team. I hope you liked them.

If you liked these questions than you can share them with your team members also.

Also if you want to read about more questions for growth mindset than you can check my article: growth mindset questions.



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