7 best growth mindset questions for teens

growth mindset questions for teens

Are you a teenager enjoying your teenage(15-17 years) and looking for growth mindset questions for teens? than you have landed at the right post.

In this post I have listed down the 7 best growth mindset questions for teenagers. These questions will help in the development of your mindset. So let’s look at them one by one.

1. what things make you special?

The first question in my list is related to self-esteem. For a teenager it is very important to have a high self-esteem. If you would not have the right self belief than chances are you may not experience right growth in life.

Therefore the first question you can ask yourself is about what are the things that make you special. This will make you feel confident and self-esteemed.

2. do i accomplished my today’s goal?

A life without goals is like a road leading nowhere. For proper growth in life short and achievable goals are must. Therefore make this habit of making short goals for everyday and at the end of the day ask this question to yourself regarding their completion.

If you were unable to accomplish them in the day than reflect upon why you were not able to complete them.

3. if i will be given $100 how will i spend them in a day?

This growth mindset question will help you to learn about money management. You may be aware that after teenage you will start working or some of you may be working somewhere.

To have a proper budget for self effective money management skills will come handy. To develop those skills you can ask this question.

4. do i achieved something remarkable today?

Everyone is working to do good things in life. This question will push you to work hard and work on something which has a purpose and meaning in your life.

5. do i worked on my weaknesses today?

If you have emotional or psychological weaknesses than this question is great to address them.

This question will work in two ways. First it will help you to acknowledge that you have weaknesses and second it will then help to work on those short comings.

6. do i love learning new skills?

A teenager life is where he/she has ample time to learn new and interesting skills. If you are not learning something new and useful than you are not helping yourself in growth.

Therefore ask this question about learning skills. With learning growth mindset will come too automatically.

7. how will i rate my todays day on scale of 1-10?

This question will help you to look back at the whole day. You will get to know what mistakes you made, what made you feel angry, situations where you felt confident and vice-versa.

Using the answers you will get you will be in the position to make improvements for the next day events.


So this was the post on the best mindset questions for teenagers. I have listed down the best questions that a teenager can use to grow their mindset.

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