21 Best Cristiano Ronaldo Growth Mindset Quotes

cristiano ronaldo growth mindset quotes

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Want some good Cristiano Ronaldo growth mindset quotes to read and get motivation. Then, this post is for you.

In this post we will look at the best growth mindset quotes by Cristiano Ronaldo said on different topics of life. So let’s jump into it.

21 Best Growth Mindset Quotes By Cristiano Ronaldo

“I feel endless need to learn, to improve, to evolve, not only to please the coach and the fans, but also to feel satisfied with myself.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“I never tried to hide the fact that my only goal is to be the best” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“I respect your opinions. Maybe in your opinion Messi is better than me. But in my mind I am better than him.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“We don’t want to tell our dreams. We want to show them.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“I want to be remembered as part of the group of the greatest players ever.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

mindset quotes by cristiano ronaldo

“I know I’m a good professional, I know that no one’s harder on me than myself and that’s never going to change, under any circumstances.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“Talent isn’t everything. You can have it from the cradle, but it is necessary to learn the trade to be the best.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“We should make the most of life. Enjoy it!” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“You have to work. I try to do it almost everyday and this is why I am in the top level for many many years.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“I really like to put myself under pressure to see what I can do.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

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“If you think you’re perfect already, then you never will be.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“I don’t want to be compared to anyone – I’d like to impose my own style of play and do the best for myself and for the club here.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“I’m not going to change the world. You’re not going to change the world. But we can help – we can all help.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“It is my conviction that here are no limits to learning, and that it can never stop, no matter what our age.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“I have my flaws too, but I am a professional who doesn’t like to miss or lose.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

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“Maybe they hate me because I’m too good!” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“Dreams are not what you see in your sleep, they are the things that don’t let you sleep” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“I’m not a perfectionist, but I like to feel that things are done well.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“I want to consistently play well and win titles.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“We cannot live being obsessed with what other people think about us.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

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“I think I have improved from last year. I am always trying to improve my game and improve myself.” Cristiano Ronaldo

5 More Bonus Growth Mindset Quotes By Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. “I see football as an art and all players are artists. If you are a top artist, the last thing you would do is paint a picture somebody else has already painted.” – Cristiano Ronaldo
  2. “Today there are opportunities that no one knows if they will come round again in the future.” – Cristiano Ronaldo
  3. “There is no harm in dreaming of becoming the world’s best player. It is all about trying to be the best. I will keep working hard to achieve it but it is within my capabilities.” – Cristiano Ronaldo
  4. “Talent without working hard is nothing.” – Cristiano Ronaldo
  5. “I think sometimes the best training is to rest.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

Does Cristiano Ronaldo Have A Growth Mindset?

To know whether Cristiano Ronaldo have a growth mindset we can use his quote “I really like to put myself under pressure to see what I can do.” From this quote we can easily interfere that he likes to improve his skills even when under pressure. That’s the characteristic of a growth mindset person.

Therefore, we can say that Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo have a growth mindset.

How Does Cristiano Ronaldo Motivate Himself?

Cristiano Ronaldo motivates himself by setting up goals and working hard to complete those on time. He wakes up early in the morning for doing his football training. He says that When I wake up, I’m still motivated to get to training and that’s the best thing in the world. That’s how Cristiano Ronaldo keeps himself motivated.

What Is Inspiring About Cristiano Ronaldo?

The most inspiring thing about Cristiano Ronaldo is his love for football. With all hardships he faced in his early life, he never left playing football. He was not born in a rich family. His father was very poor. So he too was poor. In spite of that he worked very hard, faced numerous humiliations but eventually became a great footballer. That’s inspiring about him.


In this post we saw the best Cristiano Ronaldo growth mindset quotes. We say that he talks about learning, discipline, setting up goals, giving your best, etc. We also looked at how Ronaldo motivaes himself.

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