How Is Growth Mindset Used In Real Life

how growth mindset is used in real life

If you had already read my previous posts on growth mindset, then you will be aware of that we have already talked about simple definition of growth mindset, characteristics of a growth mindset, advantages and disadvantages of having a growth mindset and how to develop a growth mindset.

In this article, we are going to look at the applications of growth mindset in real life. We will look at how is growth mindset used in real life situations. What are the various ways and techniques of growth mindset which can be applied in everyday life? We will look in this article.

How To Use Growth Mindset In Everyday Life Situations

For ease of reading for you, I have divided this post into sub-sections for different roles: Students, Professionals and Businessman.

How A Student Can Use Growth Mindset?

A student can use growth mindset in everyday life in various different constructive ways.

1. A student can look for new ways to solve a problem

Whenever a student is in the middle of a problem(math questions/assignments, etc) He/She instead of going panic can go for using a different alternative method to face/solve the problem.

2. Making a habit of asking questions

A student can include this habit of asking questions in their daily life. Asking questions is a great way of developing mindset. In this way they get ahead of their peers and rational thinking ability develops in them.

3. Not afraid of taking part in class discussions

Many students stay way from participating in group discussions. By taking part in group discussions done during subject classes, a student not only gain confidence but also comes meritorious.

How A Working Professional Can Use Growth Mindset In Everyday Life Situations?

If you are working professional then you can use these tricks and methods to improve mindset in real life.

1. Looking For Opportunities Which Are Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Most people try to remain in their comfort zone. They don’t try to break it. But if you move out of this zone and take up opportunities which you consider out of your zone, then this transition from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset will hugely impact your growth mindset.

2. Not Hesitating From Taking Helps From Other Fellow Colleague/Co-Worker

If you are in the middle of a task which got stuck and you are trying to solve it by self, then chances are you may waste your valuable time on a thing which may be solved in a minute or a day. Instead, what you can do is ask for help from your fellow office colleague. In this way problem will be solved and you will be up by knowledge which your colleague provided you to, while solve that problem.

3. Being Pro-active

Whenever your senior or you boss gives you a task, don’t think why me? Be a pro-active person and take this as a positive opportunity which others failed to get and do the task in record time. This pro-active working by you will have double benefits, growth both professionally and mentally.

How A Businessman Can Use Growth Mindset In Real Life?

This section will give you some tips how you can use growth mindset in daily life to increase your business.

1. Special Qualities In Your Worker

Whenever you hire a new worker, try to ask what improvements they can do in to learn new things and skills. Are they willing to put extra effort in improving the organization? If there answer is yes, then go ahead with other formalities.

2. Don’t Be Harsh On Your Employees

You may have seen in many examples of successful business entities that those organizations which promote happiness and stress free environment among their employees do more better in the business than their counter parts.

So whenever your employee makes a mistake, instead of scolding him/her, try to be soft and encourage him/her to make necessary changes without any pressure.

3. Taking Ideas From Your Workers

There may be various instances when you will go out of ideas. In this situation, you can ask your employees for new ideas on improving the business. You never know what hidden feedback your employee can provide which can have a positive impact on your business.


So we looked at How Is Growth Mindset Used In Real Life in this article. I tried to explain various methods which can be used to different situations. You can use them to your advantage.

If you liked this post and you think that this post added some value in your life, then do share it with your friends and family. As sharing with others is also a trait of a growth mindset person.

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