What Is Definition Of Growth Mindset In Simple Terms

simple definition of growth mindset

Hey, welcome to another post of positive miracle. Looking to learn about the definition of growth mindset in simple terms, then this post on growth mindset definition will resolve your query. In this post we will look at what growth mindset means and how it can be easily detected.

I will also try to explain the meaning of growth mindset with the help of a simple world example.

So let’s have a look at the definition.

Growth Mindset Definition in Simple Terms

To begin with the definition, let me start this post with the question – where this term Growth mindset came from?

Growth mindset is a term coined by Carol Dweck, in 2006. She is an American Psychologist, teaching in Stanford University. She proposed this term ‘mindset’ in her book: Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success. In the book she argues that abilities can be developed and passion to stretch yourself, even if the circumstances are not in favor, is the sign of growth mindset.

Now after a short introduction on from where growth mindset term came from, let’s turn back again to the main question, i.e simple definition of growth mindset.

Growth mindset is a belief in which people think that their abilities to do work, skills and intelligence can be increased by persistent hard work and regular effort.

It is a very simple term with vast inferences. In a growth mindset people believe that if they work hard, give time on improving their skills, pour in sufficient energy and time in right direction then their personal growth development is sure.

Growth Mindset Definition Explained With The Help Of A Simple Example

Lets’s see it with the help of an example. Assume there is a Person X working in a MNC. He wants to improve his position in the office and needs a promotion. But he is not ready to put the right effort and time for this. So he will not get the position and maybe he may get demoted also.

If on the other side if this Person acknowledge that his position in the office can be improved by working on improving his skills(learning a new skill), developing discipline, communication skills, then he is sure he can get a promotion and recognition in the company. If the person thinks like that, then the person is said to have growth mindset.

So from this example we get to understand what is growth mindset in simple terms. The person who will have strong will, determination, risk taking capability can possess growth mindset.

You can find various examples of growth mindset which we will try to cover in a different post. In this post my main motto was to explain growth mindset definition in simple terms which even a 5 or 6 year child can understand.

We will also look at characteristics of growth mindset person in upcoming articles.


So my friends this was the post on growth mindset definition in simple terms. I hope you get to know what does growth mindset mean. Simply put, will to work hard and improve skills is growth mindset.

Only a person with growth mindset will be able to achieve the things which he/she desires of. Growth mindset will empower you with so much energy that you will be forced by yourself to get up and get the work done. No one can stop you if you have the proper mindset.

I hope you like the information given in this article. You can also check my other posts on quotes about growth mindset said by famous personalities and authors to improve your growth mindset.



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