How did Steve Jobs have a growth mindset?

how did Steve Jobs have a growth mindset

Who doesn’t know Steve Jobs? He was a great visionary, a leader, a tech enthusiast who changed the face of technology for a better world.

From taking a job at Atari corporation to becoming the CEO of apple Inc., Steve Jobs had shown growth mindset every time. If you are looking for how did Steve Jobs have a growth mindset? than you are at the right place.

In this post, I have listed down few examples from his life which shows his growth mindset.

Does Steve Jobs have a growth mindset?

Yes, absolutely. Steve Jobs had all the characteristics of a growth mindset person. I am listing the instances from his life which shows that he had a growth mindset.

In short: Steve Jobs was a great at leadership, excellent at evaluating opportunities, and have the risk taking mindset. All these features are characteristics of a growth mindset person.

1. starting a business with Stephen Wozniak

For quick information, Stephen Wozniak was Jobs high school friend who was working for the Hewlett-Packard Company at that time.

Stephen Wozniak was working on designing a logic board for his personal computer. He told this to Jobs. Jobs offered him to do business together and make this big[1].

The duo developed Apple I in Jobs garage. Later Apple II was developed which became a instant success for them.

How Jobs was showing growth mindset here?

Jobs was good at recognizing opportunities. He was aware that the computers available in the market at that time were so large that they can occupy a full room.

Plus those computers being very costly were away from the hands of common man. After Wozniak told him about the logic board design, Jobs recognizing the potential offered partnership to Wozniak.

Growth mindset characteristics shown here: Finding opportunities, making connection, and taking risks.

2. after he was removed from the company he founded.

Little context: The first Macintosh built by the company were not very powerful and expensive. Sales were going down. Tension started building in the company.

Due to the tensions in the company, Apple’s board of directors removed Jobs from the company. This was a huge setback for him. But he didn’t stopped.

He quicky started working on the next project. He founded NeXT Inc., a company specializing in designing workstation computers for the education market. Later this company was acquired by Apple.

What type of mindset is shown by Jobs here?

A growth mindset. Even after a setback, he was unstoppable. Here Jobs was showing the traits of a person who knows how to deal with failures, turning a crisis into a lesson, and using it as an opportunity.

3. introducing several gadgets

In the company, Jobs worked on many technological advancement. He was the one who introduced several revolutionary products in the market like iMac, iMac DV, ,iPod, iPad, iTunes, iMovie, iPhone.

He revolutionized the cell phone industry with the introduction of iPhone. He did all this while he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Growth mindset traits shown by Steve Jobs here:

Visionary mindset, Following passion, Leadership, Risk taking, Constant learner, Urge to innovate, help others.

4. introducing apple retail stores

In mid-2001, Steve Jobs took a bold decision for the growth of the Apple Inc. At times when PC maker, Gateway, was shutting their retail stores[2], Jobs was introducing Apple’s staff operated Apple retail stores. This move was risky.

He wanted a retail chain of stores where a customer can get first hand experience of the products, assisted by Apple staff itself. The move turned out to be successful.

Which growth mindset characteristic can be seen here in Jobs?

Jobs was on the mission to make great products and rise the company to great heights. He was very good at marketing.

Here you can see that he was Risk taking, Opportunity finder, and showing traits of true leadership.


Steve Jobs was a true entrepreneur. He faced many setbacks, failures during his life time. But that did not stopped him. He constantly improved the products and technologies he was working upon.

He was also very good at finding opportunities and marketing the products. He is inspiration to many established and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The traits shown by him like leadership, passion, risk taking mindset, etc. shows that he had a growth mindset.

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