15 best ways to learn How To Develop A Growth Mindset

How to develop a positive growth mindset

Hello Friend, welcome to one another post of my blog. In this post we are going to look at how to develop a growth mindset in life and reach great heights in any profession.

Carol Dweck in her book Mindset has wrote extensively on how one can develop growth mindset and how can developing a growth mindset impact your life.

As you have read in my previous posts we talked about definition and meaning of growth mindset, what are the characteristics of growth mindset and saw the advantages and disadvantages of having growth mindset.

Using this article you will get to know how can I improve my growth mindset. I have divided the methods into two parts for easy understanding. So let’s start.

10 ways to develop a growth mindset

Here I have listed down 10 methods for improving the mindset.

1. Start Embracing Your Failures

The first thing you can do to develop a mindset is accept your failures. Don’t try to blame others for your own fail attempt. Instead what you can do is you should start learning from your failures. Try to acknowledge what went wrong and then improve the weakness.

2. Take Challenges as Opportunities

No person is devoid of challenges. Every person has to face them. But some get fearful of them. You don’t have to be like that. This is the second way to develop a mindset. Take challenges as opportunities. Never fear them.

3. Start Reading More

Yes, that’s a universal fact. The more you read the more better you become. Most top and famous personalities advice to read at least 25 pages a day. This is their mantra for success.

4. Evaluate Yourself Daily

There is a tendency in human being that they don’t evaluate themselves. But to have a growth mindset you have to leave that. Make a tendency to evaluate your whole day work in the evening or in the night. Whether your work remained incomplete. Just evaluate. It will help in to look at areas where you need improvement.

5. Cultivate Grit

Cultivating determination is a powerful trait of growth mindset person. It is the ability of an Individual which when combined with persistent efforts is able to do wonders. So nurturing grit is an important element to develop growth mindset.

6. Write Down Your Goals

Yes, writing down your goals in a notebook or journal will immensely help in developing a growth mindset. By writing down your goals you instruct your brain that these are important things in your life and I have to work hard on them. In this way you will define your goals and a growth mindset will develop.

7. Use Example of Others

This is similar to reading books. Look around and find successful persons in your field. Without being judgmental try to know how they succeeded, what struggles they faced, and what different they did to have a better life than others.

8. Never Hesitate To Ask For Feedback

It is generally seen that we avoid taking feedback from others. We feel that it is of no use asking others how we did. This is the most wrong thing we do. We should always look for feedback. Feedback provided us the mirror to look from someone else eye. In this way we can work on our shortcomings and improve ourselves.

9. Practice Mindfulness

Focusing on the present in Mindfulness. It will help the brain to remain in the present and away from constant chattering of thoughts in the mind. Meditation, walking while focusing on your movement of your legs, etc. are all form of mindfulness useful in developing a strong growth mindset.

10. Celebrate Success Of Others

Celebrating success of others is also a smart way to develop growth mindset. By celebrating someone else success we are letting away the feeling of jealousy, attracting a sense of positivity and growing ourselves in a more humane way.

extra 5 ways to develop a growth mindset

1. Enjoy The Process

Enjoying the process is very important aspect of improving the growth mindset. If you will not enjoy the journey then end result will not be the same like you desired. Therefore, enjoying the journey and not thinking about the end is a important way of growing mindset.

2. Go Easy On Yourself

Remember good things take time to happen. To develop a growth mindset it is very much important to keep this thing in mind that you should not push yourself hard for achieving the goal. It will not lead to anywhere rather it will burnout you.

3. Use Word “Yet” More Often

Carol Dweck says that whenever you think that you are not good at something just try to add word ‘Yet’ in the example. It will change the meaning of your sentence and lead you to improve in that particular thing with time.

Ex- Instead of saying “I am not good at cooking” say “I am not good at cooking yet”.

4. Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself whenever you complete a task has a huge effect on the power to develop a mindset. Rewarding yourself will make your mind think that you have successfully completed a assignment and will increase your confidence.

5. Believe In Yourself

This is the ultimate secret of developing a growth mindset. Only a person who believe in Himself/Herself can do better in life. Self-belief will provide to the necessary spark needed to start a work and develop mindset.


So, this was the post on how can you improve your growth mindset. I have tried to include all of the ways which you can use to improve the mindset but still there can be more which I will try to study and include the article. I you have any personal experience in improving your mindset, then please share with me. I will try to add your way in this article.

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