how to receive feedback with a growth mindset

how to receive feedback with a growth mindset

Receiving feedback can be tough. Many doesn’t even like this idea of taking feedback. If you have came here to know how to receive feedback with a growth mindset? than you are at the right place.

In this post I will explain how you can receive feedback effectively. First you need to know about these two below steps which will help you receive feedback in a better way.

Know from where the feedback is coming.

People around you can give feedback anywhere and on any subject. It can be on your looks, your working, your lifestyle, etc. But before receiving feedback from them the first thing to note is to know who is the person giving feedback.

If the person giving feedback to you on a subject is authority in that field than it will be wise to give your time on the feedback but if it is coming from a random person on a random subject which he/she doesn’t know properly than there is no need to spend time on it.

be neutral while receiving feedback.

Many people start by judging the person giving feedback. The next thing to do while accepting a feedback from someone is to keep your mind neutral towards the person.

You don’t need to create any image of the person in the mind before taking feedback. Just listen what they say.

Now let’s look how to receive feedback with right mindset.

How to accept feedback without getting defensive

When someone tries to give feedback to us our mind immediately comes into defensive mode. This is a natural instinct of a human being. Nobody likes hearing about those things in which they have shortcomings.

But with practice and growth mindset you can use this opportunity to grow. You can use the tips given below to not be defensive while receiving a feedback.

1. Say thank you, but don’t use words like I am in a hurry.

The first thing you should do is say thank you to the person who is giving you feedback. Appreciate their effort.

But while receiving feedback don’t use words which are negative in nature. Ex- I am in a hurry, I will talk to you later.

If you will do this than it is possible that the relationship you have with the person may diminish.

2. become an active listener

While the person is giving you feedback be a pro listener. Listen to their suggestions carefully without interrupting in between. You can even take notes during the conversation.

3. ask supplementary questions.

After the person has finished giving you feedback it’s time to use it for your growth. Start by asking supplementary questions to the person.

For example, If a person is giving you feedback about your writing skills than you can ask him/her questions like

  1. Where you think I was fast while writing.
  2. Tell me more on this.
  3. What can I do to improve my writing?
  4. Give me some examples of good writing tutorials.
  5. Tell me what you noticed while I was writing ,etc.

How to accept feedback positively

Not all the time feedback given to you will be positive. Many feedbacks will be given to you for demotivation. While taking those feedbacks you may feel like I am not valuable.

These type of thoughts hinder our growth. Our own negative thoughts tear our self-esteem and confidence.

To filter such negative thoughts don’t overreact in the first case. Be calm and composed. Even if the actual feedback is against you you should try to examine the feedback. There is no need to change according to them. It’s your life.

Next start by visualizing that it is just there opinion. There perspective can be different from mine. Than examine the actual feedback given. In this way you will be able to accept it positively without attaching any negative mindset to it.


One of the important area for developing a growth mindset is receiving feedbacks. In this post I have tried to share the process of receiving feedback.

I hope you liked this post. You can share it with you family, friends, and workplace colleagues if you find this article useful.

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