is a growth mindset something you are born with?

is a growth mindset something you are born with

Have you come here to know Is a growth mindset something you are born with? Than you have come to the right place.

In this post I have talked about whether we are born with a mindset or we develop it later?

To give a simple answer we are not born with a growth mindset nor we inherit it from our ancestors and family members. To know the full explanation keep reading till the end.

Where does a growth mindset come from?

Growth mindset as a concept is given by Carol Dweck. According to her, if a person is willing to work hard on improving the skills, than that person is said to have a growth mindset.

It is a belief that our abilities can be developed through hard work and discipline.

From this definition it is clear that only after a person is born he/she can work on their mindset. It is not something which we are born with.

Growth mindset is learnt not inherited. After a child is born he/she can learn it from their parents, from school teachers, in a job, etc. Experiences play a important role in learning and developing the mindset.

It is not a one day process that we can learn in a day. It is a lifelong journey for better self.

When a person is ready to work hard and improve his/her skills than he/she will start developing a growth mindset.

From here we get to know that growth mindset is based on hard work belief not on birth.

Can anyone develop a growth mindset?

Yes, anyone can develop a growth mindset with right education, life experiences , and persistence.

Is a growth mindset genetic?

No, growth mindset is not a part of our genetics. Although we may acquire some traits from our family which may help in developing the mindset, but overall growth mindset is not genetically transferred.


So this was the post to know is a person is born with growth mindset. We got to know that No, a person is not born with a growth mindset. He/She learns it by doing hard work and through experiences in life.

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