is growth mindset a competency?

is growth mindset a competency

Are you looking for an answer about is growth mindset a competency? Then you have come to the right place.

On this page, I have tried to explain is mindset a competent behavior or not? I have used real world examples for explaining the fact.

If you want to know the quick and short answer then Yes, growth mindset is a competency. If you want to know why I am saying this then keep reading the article.

I have tried to connect the dots to make it easier for you to explain my point. But before starting out first let’s know definition of competency.

what is competency?

Competency is the capability of an individual using skills, intelligence ,and abilities to complete a task.

In simple words, if a person has essential skills, intelligence ,and strength that may help him/her to complete a work, then the person is said to be competent.

It is like asking a person how he/she will complete a job or assignment.

Competency is not something which is learnt in a day or two. It is a long process which is mastered after learning skills and experience.

Competency can be breaked down into three categories. These are:

1- Behavioral Competencies

2- Technical Competencies

3- Leadership Competencies

5 Core competency examples

Now after looking after competency definition it’s time to read about 5 core competencies.

1. critical thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to analyze facts and objectively come on the judgement. Also can be called as rational approach.

2. leadership

Leadership is the ability of an individual to lead, influence ,and guide others.

3. decision making

It is a skill to take decisions, both rational and irrational. Taking responsibility of decisions is a good sign of growth mindset.

4. flexibility

It is a skill to be able to adapt to any situation. More flexible a person in adapting to situations more competent he/she is.

5. communication

The art of expressing your thoughts and ideas effectively and clearly to someone is called as communication.

Examples of using competencies in the workplace

I am using a real world example from the workplace. For my example I am using the job of a stage artist. This example will help you to understand the whole concept.

Consider yourself as a stage artist. First to become a stage artist you will need to learn some skills. These can be to learn dancing, acting, expressions, etc.

Now you have learned the skills and become a stage artist. It is time to perform on the stage.

You went to the stage and you found hundreds of people staring at you for the performance. Looking at them you felt anxious and nervous. Now what will you do in this situation?

If you will be competent then you will use those skills that I mentioned above. In this situation you will need the flexibility skill and decision making skill to perform nicely.

Now we know that being flexible in any situation, taking right decisions, effective communication, etc. are all important elements of a growth mindset development strategy.

Therefore to be competent in our work, don’t we need to improve our mindset. Getting my point?

Hence, I can say that growth mindset is a competency(Since growth mindset is promoting competency skills therefore growth mindset itself becomes a competency behavior).


This was the post to answer whether growth mindset can be considered a competency. From skills and behavior we found out that Yes, growth mindset is a core competency.

I hope you got the answer and satisfied with it. If you liked this post then do share it.

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