is growth mindset a learning outcome?

is growth mindset a learning outcome

If you are a teacher than you surely have encountered this term learning outcome in your teaching course. In this post we will look at: is growth mindset a learning outcome?

To explain whether growth mindset is a learning outcome or not, I have first explained the concept of learning outcome, its types and than evaluated it for our main question.

If you don’t have much time and want a quick answer than I would say that Yes, growth mindset is a learning outcome.

To know how I came to this conclusion than keep reading till the end.

What are learning outcomes?

Learning outcomes are descriptions or statements of the skills, knowledge, or abilities that a person will get from learning some subject or a program.

Learning outcomes are measurable and often observable.

In simple terms learning outcomes are overview of what a person can do/will be able after completing a course or a program.

5 types of learning outcomes

According to Louisiana State University, general types of learning outcomes are:

1. Psychomotor

Those learning outcomes which include physical performance or hand-eye coordination. Ex- playing musical instruments.

2. Affective

Demonstrate appropriate emotions/affect. Ex – Showing trustworthiness and concern.

3. Social

Appropriate, productive interaction/behavior with other people. Ex- negotiation and mediation skills.

4. Ethical

Decision making that takes into account moral values. Ex- medical practitioner.

5. Cognitive

Related to thinking, facts, ideas, concepts, etc. Ex- translation job

Now we have learned about learning outcomes and its types. It’s time to check the question based on these facts and examples.

In many researches it is found that teaching the concept of neuroplasticity helps inducing the growth mindset on motivation, achievement, and brain activity in students.

Students who are made aware about how their brain works and how their mind can rewire and change are found to develop a growth mindset. Here the learning outcome in this case is growth mindset.

Therefore, I can say that Yes, growth mindset is a learning outcome.


So this was the post to check growth mindset as a learning outcome. I found out that Yes, growth mindset is a learning outcome.

I hope you are satisfied with the answer. If you are satisfied than do share it.

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