is growth mindset a soft skill?

is growth mindset a soft skill

There are many people who asks this question regularly about growth mindset. Are you someone who wants to know the answer to this question too? Then this post will give you the answer.

In this post I have talked about Is growth mindset a soft skill? But before knowing whether growth mindset is a soft skill or not first let’s know what is a soft skill?

soft skills vs hard skills

Soft skills are those skills which are based on your personal traits. These skills help you to connect socially with others.

These are skills which are based on your personality and behavior towards these. These skills are not learnt in schools or colleges and are non-technical in nature.

Generally, these skills are not completely job focused but having these skills hugely impact your job interview and actual day job.

Whereas, Hard skills are those skills which are technical in nature and need to be learnt. These skills increase the technical qualification of a person. Most of these skills are tought in schools/colleges. These skills are learnt to become an expert in a field.

Hard skills are important for employment generation and creating a culture of learning.

what are the 7 soft skills

Now after knowing what are soft skills let’s take some time to know about what are the the major soft skills?. I am listing here 7 most important elements of soft skills. These are:

1. Communication

Communication is a very important soft skill for a person. A person who is well versed in effective communication, can easily work with anyone. He/She will be able to understand others better and vice-versa.

2. leadership

Another important soft skill is leadership. An effective communicator will also be a good leader. If a person is able to lead and set an example to others then he/she can be said to be a good leader. A great soft skill to have.

3. problem solving skills

This is a skill which many people lack. A problem solver person is a great fit for the society. With his/her problem solving skills he/she can handle and manage a problem more effectively then others.

4. team work

A great soft skill both for an individual and employees. With a good team work, one can do tasks which are hard to do. Team work promotes cooperation among the members.

5. conflict management

Conflict management is an important element of soft skill. If a person is able to resolve conflict between others then he/she is said to be having this skill.

6. work ethic

Ethics in work is an important part of soft skill portfolio. If a person will be discipline, honest and ready to give his/her best then the person is said to have a work ethic skill.

7. critical observation

A very important soft skill. If a person is able to critically observe a situation and take out its positive and negatives without affecting the actual task then the person is having a critical observation skill.

importance of soft skills

Soft skills are very important for creating a positive work environment. Having soft skills help an individual to interact with other people. Soft skills help to define the personality of an individual.

If a person will have soft skills he/she we be able to better cooperate, participate, and communicate with others.

Having soft skills enable one to approach problems in a better way and getting success.

is growth mindset a soft skill?

Now after knowing about what is a soft skill, major soft skills , and its importance it is time to answer the main question.

Since we know that leadership, communication, problem solving, team work, and other major soft skills are characteristics of a growth mindset person, therefore we can easily infer this that Yes, growth mindset is a soft skill.

Infact this is one the most sought after soft skills employers are looking for.


In this post I have talked about whether growth mindset is a soft skill or a hard skill. Since growth mindset as a trait contains all the skills like leadership, time management, communication, etc. therefore I can safely say that growth mindset is a soft skill.

I hope you got your answer.

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