is growth mindset a strategy?

is growth mindset a strategy

Are you looking to get the answer for Is growth mindset a strategy? then you have come to the right place.

In this post I will explain whether growth mindset is a strategy or not. We will look a it using definition and examples to explain the fact.

So let’s start.

If you don’t have time and want a short, quick answer than Yes, growth mindset is a strategy. To know why mindset is a strategy than keep reading the article.

what is strategy in psychology?

To know whether mindset is a strategy we should first know about the definition of strategy. By knowing what it means will help you to get the concept easily.

According to American Psychological Association, strategy is a program(plan) of action designed to achieve a goal or accomplish a task.

In simple terms, if you have a goal then all the plans(rules) that you will make to achieve that goal is called your strategy.

It is a specific approach which is used to fulfill a goal. Strategies are mostly created for long term plans.

5 ways to develop a growth mindset

Since we are concentrating here on mindset therefore we shall look at 5 ways which are used to develop mindset. There are many ways to develop the mindset but I am listing here only 5 for explaining you the answer.

1. Self-reflection

Self-reflection means to give time to think about your behavior, attitude, desires, and thoughts.

2. Taking responsibility

Taking responsibility means to take responsibility for your actions and accepting the fact that you are a part of a situation.

3. Learning from mistakes

Learning from mistakes means to acknowledge that you have made a mistake and is ready to learn from the mistake.

4. appreciating others

Appreciating others means to keep your ego to side and appreciating someone for their help and support.

5. Acknowledging Imperfection

It means to acknowledge this fact that you are not perfect and is a constant learner.

In the definition of strategy, we found a important sentence: plan of action. This single sentence will help us to know whether growth mindset is a strategy or not.

Now consider yourself looking to learn guitar. You are a complete beginner. What strategies will you use? You may use one of the methods listed above to learn it.

You may first acknowledge that you are a constant learner, then can self-reflect ,and than start learning from mistakes.

Now coming back to the question. In the example think what actually you are doing? Aren’t you making plans to achieve the goal? Getting the point?

Since all those methods listed above are used to develop a growth mindset and we are developing growth mindset to learn skills and developing talent, therefore can’t we say that growth mindset is a strategy?

Hence, from all this example we found out that Yes, Growth mindset is a strategy.


So this was the post on the question: Is growth mindset a strategy? I have used the example of learning guitar to check whether growth mindset is a action plan or not? Using the example we found out that Yes, growth mindset is a stratgey.

I hope you are satisfied with the answer. If you liked this post then do share it.

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