is growth mindset a trait?

is growth mindset a trait

Are you looking to know is growth mindset a trait? Then you have come to the right place.

In this post I will try to crack down this question and answer whether growth mindset is a characteristic or not?

If you want a quick and short answer to this question then Yes, growth mindset is a trait and if you want to know why growth mindset is a trait then keep reading.

But before going into the question first let’s have a look at what is the definition of trait. This will help us to connect the dots.

So let’s start.

what is a personality trait in psychology

According to the American Psychological Association “an enduring personality characteristic that describes or determines an individual’s behavior across a range of situations.”

In simple terms a trait is something that makes you “You”. A trait is personal and varies from person to person.

There are three criteria that characterize personality traits. These three are consistency, stability , and individual differences.

If a person in a behavior is consistent, stable in long term, then he/she is said to have that trait.

A trait is developed over a long period of time.

Now after learning what are traits let’s come back to our main question.

If we have to consider growth mindset as a trait then it should need to satisfy the characteristics of a growth mindset person. If a person is having these traits then it is because of a growth mindset. Therefore our first objective is to look at these attributes of a person.

3 characteristics of a growth mindset person

I am listing here 3 traits which people with a growth mindset display.

1. hardworking

A person who will have growth mindset will be hard working and positive thinker towards his/her work. He/She will not be someone who shy away from doing work.

2. Active listener

A open minded person is a good listener. He/She love listening to others before putting his/her point. He/She avoid interrupting others in between conversation.

3. constant learner

A person with growth mindset is always ready to learn something new. He/She never step away from learning. It can be a new skill, a language, or any other activity. Learning is a continuous process for them.

Since we know that Growth mindset promotes hard work, learning and to be an active listener, therefore from these three attributes of growth mindset I can say that Yes, growth mindset is a trait.

It is based on the idea that when a person is having these qualities, it means he/she has growth mindset.


This was the post on is growth mindset a characteristic? I hope you got the answer. I have tried to explain this trait concept of growth mindset using examples of a growth mindset person.

I hope you liked this post and the explaination.

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