is growth mindset a value?

is growth mindset a value

Are you looking to find the answer to the question Is growth mindset a value? Then you have come to the right place.

In this post I will try to crack down this question and answer: Is Growth Mindset A Core Value or not? So lets start.

If you are looking for a quick and short answer then Yes, growth mindset is a value and if you want to know why then keep reading.

But before starting out answering the question let’s look first at the definition of value in psychological terms.

definition of value in psychology

I am defining value using the definition given by Michigan University research paper.

According to it “Values are internalized cognitive structures that guide choices by evoking a sense of basic principles of right and wrong, a sense of priorities, and a willingness to make meaning and see patterns.”

From the definition it is clear that value is the relative importance which an individual places on a task or someone. Preference, judgment, and action are commonly explained in terms of values.

growth mindset as a value

In the definition of value above there are two important statements: Sense of priorities and willingness to make meaning.

When I talk about growth mindset it is all about creating a change and making the life meaningful for self and the society.

For bringing change through growth mindset one has several tools in his/her hand to use and implement.

I am listing here some actions which a person use to bring a positive change in life. These actions are side-effects of having good values.

1. setting up a goal

A person who is willing to bring a change in the society and life will have a goal set in his/her mind. He/she will work on the goal as a sense of priority. If you are making this choice of setting a goal then it is a good value for you.

2. Helping others

This is a very important aspect of a growth mindset person. In growth mindset people tend to help others. They don’t hesitate in giving help to others. It is also a part of good values.

3. taking Responsibility

A growth mindset person is always ready to take responsibilities for his/her actions. It is not their tendency to blame others. Since it is a good value to not blame others, taking responsibility is also a value.

4. lead by actions

One of the trait of a growth mindset person is that they love to lead by their actions. They don’t say but do. This is a great value which helps to bring a change in the society.

Since all these actions like leading by actions, taking responsibility, helping others, etc. are part of value culture and in the definition of value it is said that these cognitive structures guides choices for a meaningful life therefore, I can say that Yes, Growth mindset is a value.

I am saying this because growth mindset endorses all such positive self-developing characteristics. This is also which I explained above through giving examples.


This was the post to answer the fact that is growth mindset a value or not? We found that yes, growth mindset is a value and a important element for development(personal and professional).

We also found out from these observation and facts that growth mindset is a core value which should be developed and tought in academic institutions and corporate organizations respectively.

I hope you are satisfied with the answer and it’s explanation. If you liked this post then do share it with your family and friends.

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