21 Best Jo Boaler Growth Mindset Quotes

growth mindset quotes by jo boaler

Jo Boaler is a renowned professor of mathematics at Stanford University and author of Mathematical mindsets. So if you are looking to improve your mindset with Jo Boaler growth mindset quotes then this is the right page for you.

In this post we will look at 21 best Jo Boaler math quotes said on mathematics and other life topics. So let’s read them.

21 Best Growth Mindset Quotes By Jo Boaler

“Every time a student makes a mistake in math, they grow a synapse. There”― Jo Boaler

A lot of scientific evidence suggests that the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is not the brains they were born with, but their approach to life, the messages they receive about their potential, and the opportunities they have to learn. – Jo Boaler

I work with a lot of mathematicians, and one thing I notice about them is that they are not particularly fast with numbers; in fact some of them are rather slow. This is not a bad thing; they are slow because they think deeply and carefully about mathematics. – Jo Boaler

“Diagnostic, comment-based feedback is now known to promote learning, and it should be the standard way in which students’ progress is reported.” ― Jo Boaler

“Always give help when needed, always ask for help when you need it” ― Jo Boaler

jo boaler growth mindset quotes

“We need to replace the idea that learning ability is fixed with the recognition that we are all on a growth journey.” ― Jo Boaler

“The powerful thinkers are those who make connections, think logically, and use space, data, and numbers creatively.” ― Jo Boaler

“It turns out that even believing you are smart—one of the fixed mindset messages—is damaging, as students with this fixed mindset are less willing to try more challenging work or subjects because they are afraid of slipping up and no longer being seen as smart.” ― Jo Boaler

“Many parents have asked me: What is the point of my child explaining their work if they can get the answer right? My answer is always the same: Explaining your work is what, in mathematics, we call reasoning, and reasoning is central to the discipline of mathematics.” — Jo Boaler

“Every time a student makes a mistake in math, they grow a synapse.” ― Jo Boaler

jo boaler growth mindset quotes on mistake

“Grades may be useful for communicating where students are in relation to each other, and it is fine to give them at the end of a semester or term, but if they are given more frequently than that, they will reduce the achievement of many.” ― Jo Boaler

“The discussion is designed to get students to engage with one another’s sorts and deduce the attribute that defines each group.” ― Jo Boaler

“Mathematics is a very broad and multidimensional subject that requires reasoning, creativity, connection making, and interpretation of methods; it is a set of ideas that helps illuminate the world; and it is constantly changing.” ― Jo Boaler

“There are two versions of math in the lives of many Americans: the strange and boring subject that they encountered in classrooms and an interesting set of ideas that is the math of the world, and is curiously different and surprisingly engaging. Our task is to introduce this second version to today’s students, get them excited about math, and prepare them for the future.” – Jo Boaler

“Mistakes grow your brain” – Jo Boaler

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“People are born with some innate cognitive differences, but those differences are eclipsed by early achievement.” – Jo Boaler

“It’s imperative that we don’t praise kids by telling them they’re smart,” “You can tell kids that they’ve done something fantastic, but don’t label them as smart.” – Jo Boaler

“At whatever age smart people develop the idea that they are smart, they also tend to develop vulnerability around relinquishing that label. So the difference between telling a kid “You did a great job” and “You are smart” isn’t subtle. That is, at least, according to one growing movement in education and parenting that advocates for retirement of “the S word.” “- Jo Boaler

“If we believe that we can learn, and that mistakes are valuable, our brains grow to a greater extent when we make a mistake.” – Jo Boaler

“People labeled “smart” at a young age don’t deal well with being wrong. Life grows stagnant.” – Jo Boaler

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“The most powerful learners are those who are reflective, who engage in metacognition—thinking about what they know—and who take control of their own learning (White & Frederiksen, 1998).” — Jo Boaler

5 More Growth Mindset Quotes By Jo Boaler

  1. “Some students think their role in math classrooms is to memorize all the steps and methods. Other students think their role is to connect ideas. These different strategies link, unsurprisingly, to achievement, and the students who memorize are the lowest achieving in the world.” ― Jo Boaler
  2. “Mathematics is at the center of thinking about how to spend the day, how many events and jobs can fit into the day, what size of space can be used to fit equipment or turn a car around, how likely events are to happen, knowing how tweets are amplified and how many people they reach.” — Jo Boaler
  3. “Another misconception about mathematics that is pervasive and damaging – and wrong – is the idea that people who can do math are the smartest or cleverest people. This makes math failure particularly crushing for students, as they interpret it as meaning that they are not smart.” — Jo Boaler
  4. “With conceptual, investigative math teaching and mindset encouragement, students will learn to shed harmful ideas that math is about speed and memory, and that they either get it or they don’t.” — Jo Boaler
  5. “Anyone can learn anything!” – Jo Boaler

What is Growth Mindset As Per Jo Boaler?

Jo Baoler says that when a person is having a growth mindset then that particular person will tend to believe more in himself/herself. Instead of saying that they can’t do this task or that task, a growth mindset person will be firm believer in doing and learning anything.

Why is growth mindset important in math?

Jo Boaler says that there is no such thing as a math person or the idea that some people are math people – Everyone is a math person. By changing the fixed mindset that we are not a math person into a growth mindset that no one is a math person and anyone can do great at math is the real change we can bring using a growth mindset.

How can you demonstrate a growth mindset in mathematics?

Jo Boaler says that our brain is like a muscle. The more you work the muscle the more it grows, just like in the gym. It is the same with the math, the harder you think, the more you struggle with an idea, the more your brain grows.

Jo Boaler demonstrated is with the help of London Taxi Driver Test Example. Same applies to mathematics. The more problem we will solve/take up, there will be more chances of brain development which is crucial in growth mindset.


This is the end of the post best growth mindset quotes by Jo Boaler. From these quotes we saw that Jo Boaler gave quotes on various topics like brain, cognitive ability, mistakes, etc.

We should try to embrace these Jo Boaler quotes in our life.

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