6 most common myths about growth mindset

myths about growth mindset

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Are you someone who wants to know about common myths about growth mindset? If you are, than you have come to the right place.

In this post I have listed down 6 major misconceptions about growth mindset. These myths are the most common ones which a person may have in real life. So let’s look at them one by one.

what are the most common misunderstandings about growth mindset?

There are many myths and misconceptions about growth mindset. I am listing here the important ones.

1. a person can have only one type of mindset: Either Fixed or Growth Mindset

The first and major misunderstanding about growth mindset is that a person can have only one type of mindset. This is not a right assumption.

As we know there are two types of mindset: Fixed mindset and growth mindset. By this misconception it is believed that an individual can have only one type of mindset during life. This is a wrong conception.

A person can have both types of mindset. At one time he/she can be in a fixed mindset whereas in some other situation they can be in a growth mindset.

2. it is same to having a positive outlook

Growth mindset is generally co-related with positive outlook in life. Although having a positive outlook in life is good and crucial but growth mindset is not related to it. Both are different things.

It is not practically possible for a person to remain motivated all the time of the year even if the person has a growth mindset. Many times circumstances arrive in life which leads the person to a negative zone. The person becomes demotivated and hopeless. So both are different concepts.

3. only cares about the effort and not on the outcome

A major misconception about growth mindset is that a person with a growth mindset does not care about the outcomes and only focus on the efforts. It is a wrong way of thinking.

A person with a growth mindset do care about the outcomes and result. The major point here to note is that they stress more on doing efforts than outcomes which is a true growth mindset thing. But they do care about their goals.

4. you will always be successful with a growth mindset

Have you ever seen someone winning every match or getting highest marks in every exam. This is not possible. You can’t be on the top always even if you try. Out of 100 attempts 2 or 3 times a person will fail.

This I am writing to clear one more major myth about growth mindset i.e. A growth mindset person is always successful.

A growth mindset person also face failures in his/her life. Even if they give their 100% effort there is no guarantee that the person will be successful. This is not to say that we should not make efforts. We should!

5. Growth mindset person is limitless

The fifth important misconception about growth mindset is that a person having a growth mindset is limitless in terms of achieving anything.

This is also not true. Every person has a potential which is known to them. If a person starts working on n-number of tasks than it is possible that no task will get completed. I have not seen anyone doing everything in their life. Everyone has their limits.

6. Is genetically inherited.

You might have heard this concept that growth mindset is genetically inherited from parents to their children. This is again a major misunderstanding about the growth mindset.

A growth mindset does not require it to be genetically inherited. They work upon themselves and gain this type of mindset.


So this was the post on most common misunderstandings about growth mindset. I hope you got insights about major myths about mindset.

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