9 Best Time management activities for adults

time management activities for adults

If you are an adult and looking for useful time management activities for adults? then this post is for you.

In this post, I have listed down the best activities on time management for adults. These activities will help you in understanding why our time is wasted and how we can manage it. So let’s look at the exercises.

Key Takeaway: Top time management activities for adults are tomorrow’s list for today, waking up early, doing workout, identifying low value tasks, working in chunks, not to be available all time, doing displeasing work first, cutting out time waster tasks, and meditation.

Top Adults time management exercises

If we look at a regular day of an adult it closely look like this: Waking up in the morning, Doing daily early morning chores, breakfast, going to study/office, lunch, relationships, following passion, recreational activities, dinner, and then sleep. All these things are done under a time span of 24 hours.

But still it feels like we are short on time. So how to manage time for these and other activities? Answer: By proper planning and execution. I am sharing the best activities for managing time which will help you in increasing your productivity.

I have summarized the activities into a table form for easy understanding.

Adults Time Management ActivityBenefit
Tomorrow’s list for todayHelps in scheduling the important tasks beforehand.
Waking up early. Gives extra hours for daily chores.
Workout.Helps build discipline in routine.
Identifying low value tasks.Helps eliminating time consuming but less useful tasks.
Working in chunks.Helps prevent burnout.
Don’t be too available.Protects from unwanted tasks to do.
Displeasing work first.Saves from overthinking and avoiding tasks.
Time wasters go away.Cutting social media and other distractions time.
Meditation.Making mind calm for better thinking.

1. Tomorrow’s List for Today

Consider this, waking up in the morning and finding so many assignments and tasks to complete. That will be a complete chaos. You may fell into thinking, which one to do first? A Confusing situation.

In just arranging the tasks to complete, your half day will be gone. Directly impacting the productivity. Now what?

To prevent such circumstances, the best way is to plan the next day task today. Prioritizing the tasks which you feel are important to be completed first is a great time management exercise.

Planning and setting goals for tomorrow can save your many precious hours of yours, which will result in you waking up with a plan and completing the tasks on time.

2. Waking up early

Now you have a list of to-do tasks in your hand. The second thing you should do is wake up early in the morning.

We all have 24 hours in a day. From top leaders, entrepreneurs, etc. all have 24 hours and they got fame and success working in between these 24 hours. So how do they do it? They wake up early.

Waking up early has many benefits. Firstly, you will receive pure oxygen this time, which is good for your health. Next, you will be having 2-3 hours extra more for daily tasks which you couldn’t have got if you had woken up late. So a win-win situation.

I too wake up early in the morning. This saves me a lot of time for doing other important activities.

3. Workout

Yes, I consider this as a time management activity for me. To remain fit and healthy , a regular workout is important. But how to take out time for exercising? Answer: Using time management.

Because I need to work out everyday, I schedule my time in such a way that I can sleep early in the night and wake up early in the morning.

This not only helps in remaining fit but also build discipline in life.

4. Identify low value tasks

This activity can be a big time saver for you. Many adults try to do the things without thinking about it’s time value. This type of working without thinking is not right and time consuming.

To protect your time from not being waste, you should first try to understand the what type of tasks are you working upon, then identify the tasks which are of low value and high value. This will help in prioritizing high value tasks. Complete the tasks first which have high time value and are important.

5. Work in Chunks/blocks

This is a concept given by Tony Robbins which he calls chunking. You should divide the tasks into small blocks of activities which are manageable and productive.

Divide the whole task into small time interval goals. In this way you will complete the task without much time waste.

If you will try to do the whole thing in one sitting, your efficiency might decrease. Therefore, break the task into small targets for easy time management.

6. Don’t be too available

Human beings are social beings. We are always surrounded by family, friends, and colleagues. A situation where we are vulnerable to be called up by any for their work. Any person will come and ask for something.

Being available for too much has a negative impact on our time. The time which we could have invested in self for increasing the productivity and relaxation is consumed by others for fulfilling their tasks. This left us with self un-completed tasks.

So if you want to save your time and energy, try to avoid being available all the time.

7. Do the displeasing work first

This used to happen with me. I used to avoid the unpleasing tasks. By avoiding it gave me a false feeling that those tasks were not important. But that was not true.

Many tasks which we try to avoid are very important and needs to be completed first. But because of reasons like task is boring, requires efforts and hard work, etc. we try to avoid it.

This avoiding boring tasks mindset can have a huge negative impact on our productivity. By avoiding the task, we try to run away from the work. But the task remains as it is. It also fill up our mind.

Therefore, try to do hard, unpleasant tasks first. This will not only save your time but will also give a sense of pride and accomplishment to you.

8. Time wasters go away

This exercise is very important for making the best use of our time. This is an era where we are surrounded by so many distractions. Social media, partying, messages, emails, etc.

These are tasks that are of low value(unless you are using them for your work). You should try to set a time for these activities. I am not saying that you should not do them, but set a time for such activities.

9. Meditation

Meditation is a great time management activity for adults. A meditating adult experience less stress and anxiety, both of which are notorious for disturbing the peace of mind.

A peaceful, calm mind, is capable of thinking better. If you will think better you will manage your time better. So include this activity in your to-do list.


Time management is very important for adults. By managing our time, we can increase our productivity and live a peaceful, stress free life.

Doing right things at the right time is very important for managing time. These time management exercises listed above will surely help in managing your schedule and work.

Ps: If you work somewhere, then you will find these time management exercises for workplace useful to you.



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