9 Best time management activities for kids

time management activities for kids

If you are a parent of a kid or a youngster itself and looking for some result oriented time management activities for kids? Then you are at the right place.

In this post, I have listed down some quality time management exercises for children.

Key Takeaway: Top time management activities for kids are rising early, reading autobiographies, watching informational movies, clock reading, solving puzzles, learning to organize, prioritizing, tangible rewards , and breaking tasks into small chunks.

Top kids time management exercises

Kids come in the age bracket of 0 to 18 years mostly. This is a very tender age. Whatever they learn in this period have a lasting impression in their life. Effective time management is one of them.

With the help of time management exercises we can help our kids to learn about the importance of managing time and increasing productivity.

Now lets look at these time management exercises for children.

I have summarized all of the activities with their benefits in the form of table first to quick understanding.

Kids Time Management ActivityBenefit For Children
Rising Early.Build discipline. Mind and body more alert.
Reading inspirational autobiographies.Learning time management from famous people.
Watching Informational Movies.Learning time with the help of entertainment.
Clock Reading.Remaining conscious about where how much time is spent.
Solving Time Management Puzzles.Improves brain power for better thinking.
Organizing Things.Reducing dependence on others.
Prioritizing Tasks.Help in evaluating the time value associated with a task.
Tangible Rewards.Build motivation to improve.
Breaking Tasks Into Chunks.Fast completion of tasks without being demotivated.

1. Teach them to rise early

The first thing that children needs to learn is waking up early. Waking early in the morning will build discipline and freshness in the mind. With a fresh and energetic mind the kid will be able to think clearly.

But it is not easy to wake them up early. To motivate them for rising up in the morning you can enroll them in various activities like walking, cycling, etc. You can even ask them to take their pet for a walk in the morning.

2. Read inspirational stories with them

Stories are not just made up of words. They carry various important messages. Through stories we learn about hard work, struggle, and importance of time in life.

For this time management exercise, make this habit to sit with your kids and do a reading of various autobiographies of various famous people. You can set aside half an hour daily for reading books in the evening or before going to bed.

Reading will help the youngsters to learn about the importance of managing time and hard work.

In last, ask your kids what they learn from the story.

3. Show them informational movies

Kids love cartoons and motion pictures. What can be a better way to teach them about time management other than short movies.

Short movies are not only a source of entertainment but also contains messages same like books. You can make a schedule of weekly or monthly watching, and invite all your kids for a family movie time.

Not only you will get to know more about your kids but kids will love it.

4. Clock reading activity

We all know that there are 24 hours in a day. Every person who is productive works only in these 24 hours to get name, fame, and success.

To do this activity, you can give a mechanical wrist watch to your young kid to help in learning about various time of the day.

A watch on hand will keep the kid conscious about various activities he/she does in the day.

5. Time management games

Kids love spending their time in playing games and activities. So why not use these games as a tool to increase their awareness about managing time.

You can take help of various puzzles that come in the market for this activity. For using puzzles as a time learning tool you can fix a time duration challenge under which the kid has to complete the puzzle. If completed in time you can reward them.

But if they fail the second part of activity starts. Ask them what went wrong, in which step they think they could had improved and probably saved the time. Ask them to again complete the puzzle with the new strategy and see if this time the puzzle completes in time.

6. Give them organizing tasks

Organizing is an activity which can help to learn many things. Teaching youth how to organize things will be a great time management learning skill.

Teaching kids how to remain organized will help them all their life. When they will spend their time on organizing their room, desk, book shelf, etc. they will learn how to do it in a manner, fast, and efficiently. Also organizing will help in decluttering of things.

7. Priority exercise

Priority exercise is for those kids and youth who have so much work with them but lack behind due to less time.

You can teach your kid to prioritize tasks on time value basis. Teach them how to evaluate the time value of a task. You can use exercises like asking questions how is this thing worth doing this time? what value will this activity will bring to my life?, etc.

8. Tangible rewards

Kids love getting rewarded. You can use it for teaching them about the value of time. For this exercise you can assign a task to your kid and offer them a reward if the task is completed in a set time frame.

9. breaking tasks in small steps

This is a very important activity which every youth should learn. Most of the people try to do a task in a single. Sometimes it is possible but sometimes not.

Long tasks are time consuming and tedious. Even the person doing the task become demotivated. But if we can break a long task into smaller chunks, then the task will become very easy to complete.

Teach kids how they can break the tasks into smaller steps and then work on the parts one by one.


Time management as an activity is an important part for the overall development of a kid. If the youth will be learned to spend their time productively then it will be a win win situation both for them and the country.

Time management makes life easier and fun for kids. Using various exercises for time management is a great start for learning about managing time.

These activities listed above will surely helps in developing time management skills in youth.

For more time management activities you can check this page: activities for time management.


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